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    GPS no fix

    Beat me to it, the swappable case/cover was my next question. Thanks!
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    GPS no fix

    Thankfully I have an Avant so getting it out wasn't too bad yesterday (after I posted this). No obvious sign of water ingress but when I unplugged it the number of available satalites shot up, only to go down again when the antenna was plugged in. So it's fair to say it's knackered! Will try...
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    GPS no fix

    I noticed today I have an issue with my. RMC unit in that it's receiving no GPS data. Initially I thought it must be the antenna but in the green screen the unit is displaying details, enough to get a lock/fix at least in theory. It would appear going on the GPS stored date that I had a fix last...
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    Latest Apple CarPlay Options/Offerings

    I too am interested in recommended units!
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    Google maps gone

    From my understanding Google changed the way Google earth works and Audi as a result only now support the overlay on MY19 or newer. That said this was just an overlay on top of the maps, so all that's missing is the satellite imagery overlaid on the maps which are stored on the cars MMI.
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    Heated wing mirror fault - one side

    Sorry to hijack this thread, but is it possible to retro fit the heated auto dimming mirrors? I have heated but drive a lot at night so dimming ones would be a very nice upgrade!
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    Phone holder suggestions please

    Yeah, I had originally planned to remove the 12v socket and use an old in line fused harness I had from my previous car and take power from the back of the socket. But getting the 12v socket out is a pain without the proper removal tool and you can't get to the back of it without removing the...
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    Phone holder suggestions please

    It doesn't show in that photo but I ran a USB cable behind the center console and routed it to come out near the phone on the right hand side.
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    Phone holder suggestions please

    I have a cd slot mounted magnetic holder which works well. Obviously would be less practical if you use the cd drive, which I don't.
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    Rear view mirror vibrating- especially with Bose ;)

    Mine does it without the Bose system though probably not to the same amount. My previous A3 as well. I just use the Wing mirrors.... Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    Sat Nav Help Please...

    Not sure it works like this. There is encryption on the sd card which needs to be paired to the car. I have looked long and far for ways around it and there is nothing. Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    Sat Nav Help Please...

    IMO it's not worth the money for the Audi maps. Mine came with the sd card but an old version of the maps, with that said the out of date maps are not why I don't use it, Waze on my phone is far better with route calculations and avoiding traffic. Be better off getting a decent phone holder and...
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    MMi update/ Bluetooth Problems

    Try resetting it (besically a reboot of the a computer). Press and hold all the following buttons till the screen goes off. SETUP button, big control knob, upper-right soft button. Might take a few goes to get it right, but this has sorted my BT issues in the past. Sent from my SM-G986B...
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    Phone hard wire

    In all my previous cars I have hard wired the 12v phone charger to the rear of the cabin 12v socket (behind or under the dash/console). I then run the cable as best I can to be hidden with only a tiny bit exposed to connect to the phone. On the A6 I was planning on using the under arm rest 12v...
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    Auto Mirror dipping when reversing stoped working!

    Interesting you say that as I also had it go sky high and I ended up turning it back off. I will give it another go and try short adjustments this time, hopefully this will solve the issue. Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk
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    audi a6 bitdi

    I am no expert but that few miles over two months, it may just need a good thrashing down a dual carriageway. There is a good chance the car is never getting up to temp or into the conditions required to do a regen. For context I do 600 miles a week and have had zero issues with regens over the...
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    Audi A6 C7 rear parking sensor Fault

    May be a different one which has died? I tested all mine by putting the car in reverse, licking my finger and touching each one you can feel the ultrasonic pulse on the sensors which work and not on the dead one. When I changed my dead one though I had to reset all fault codes for the reverse...
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    Heated seats

    Found this post for you, should help. Hopefully more luck with the seats retrofit. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    Heated seats

    Can't comment for the heated seats but the climate control is an entire system and just changing the control panel will break the system from what I remember reading. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    Poor MPG 2013 Allroad

    I have a theory about it but no idea if it's true. Last week I was on annual leave from work and I didn't do the usual 500mi a week motorway miles I do, did less than 150mi and they were all relatively short trips. When I filled the tank the range only showed 520 on a full tank, not the usual...