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    Flat battery

    Hi, got a flat battery so need to remove to put on charge, will it throw up error codes or need coded when I put it back? Thanks in advance
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    Audi A4 B8 Engine Management Light

    So driving into work this morning and the engine stuttered/juddered and the engine management light was flashing. I’ve had this issue a few years ago and turned out to be a faulty coil pack, so hoping if it doesn’t sort itself out it’s the same again as it’s a relatively easy and cheap fix...
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    Illuminated Audi Rings

    Saw these on eBay and wondered if anyone has tried them? Saw them on car the other night (in blue) and thought they looked really good. Thoughts anyone?
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    Oil top up required

    Ok so today on my way home the oil light came on saying top up 1 litre but still safe to drive. Now considering I had new pistons, con rods etc almost 2 years ago FOC by Audi I’m a little concerned as it’s the first time the oil light has come on since the repair. Now I know these Audi’s are...
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    Northern Performance Carbon Clean/Map

    Thinking of getting my A4 2.0T retuned and a carbon clean off these guys Has anyone heard of them or better yet used them or similar? There’s lots of positive reviews however I’d prefer some real world reviews! Would take it from 211bhp to around the 260bhp...
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    Airbag Location A4 2010

    Hi, Can anyone tell me location/how many airbags the A4 has? I can obviously see the side airbags, passenger one and 2 on the front pillars. I thought however there’d be some in the rear and maybe curtain airbags? Just curious really and wondered if anyone knew?
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    Help Please Heater Timer??

    Been having a playing with the carista dongle and stumbled across what I assume is a heart timer so you can set it to come on say on a frosty morning however can’t for the life of me figure out how it works! Has anyone got this and know where I’m going wrong? I’ve attached a few pics for info
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    MMI Connect

    Got this app for my phone and being trying to connect to my 2010 A4 (see pic below). I’m not even sure it’ll work as sure I’ve got AMI and not MMI, however it can’t connect to the car so wondered is there a dongle that I could plug into the car to make this work? I’m also thinking is this...
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    A4 Start/Stop system problems

    Sorry if it’s been asked before but I’m having some issues with the start/stop function. Basically it cuts the engine when required, however after aprox 10 seconds it’s starts the engine again when I don’t want it to start (sat at lights etc). For me personally I find myself knocking the...
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    T Cut Scratch Remover

    Hi, Has anyone used T Cut scratch remover? Just bought some as got a few light scratches and wanted to buff them out. Tried it on inside door sill to make sure no issues and unless I'm imagining it there's a swirl pattern that won't buff out. I've not used T Cut in years but never had this...
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    New Pistons and Con Rods = new engine?

    As the title says really, I had the oil consumption problem and Audi replaced the pistons, con rods etc at no cost to myself. So I'm guessing it's basically a new engine now am I correct?
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    Voice activated dialling?

    Hi, Is it possible to voice dial someone? I've connected my phone and all the numbers appear but it's fiddly when I want to call someone. Had an Laguna before the Audi and you just pressed a button an said "dial Bob" and it rang, is it possible with the A4? I've looked about in setting but...
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    Interior light bulb replacement

    Hi, It looks like I need to replace a bulb (see pic) but how do I remove the plastic cover? Guessing it's clipped in somehow but don't want to force it and break it Any help appreciated
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    Trip computer miles left in tank

    Hi, Maybe a daft question but does anyone know why the estimated mileage is no where near what I actually get? Say for example 300 miles left in tank, I'm maybe getting 200 at best! Surely it should be more accurate than this? My old Renault Laguna was super accurate
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    A4 Remap Pros/Cons

    Thinking of getting my A4 211BHP remapped, has anyone had this done and if so what are the pros/cons? Does it put extra strain on the engine? Can I expect a big increase in power and fuel economy? Thanks in advance
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    A4 Start/Stop

    Hi guys, does anyone know how the start/stop feature works? I understand certain criteria has to be met for it to work. When it cuts the engine I always thought you had to press the clutch in to start the engine again? On my A4 when it cuts the engine it starts up again approx 20 seconds later...