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  1. GenerationGav

    Facelift Brake fluid change

    I got a call from my stealer today letting me know that my car at 2 years old is due a brake fluid change. First of all I thought the first one was 3 years, they said this changed but can somebody confirm it. Second of all they're asking £109 for it, presume that is ludicrous? Any issues me...
  2. GenerationGav

    Does an inspection also reset Oil Change schedule?

    Two questions, which might be related. I'm struggling to get clear answers on this. I got the car changed to a fixed service schedule - this means that I've ended up with a scenario where the car needs an inspection (which includes an oil change) in 30 days - then an oil change 60 days later...
  3. GenerationGav

    Interior door handle lights

    Bit of a petty one, but have been looking at the lights retrofits over on AudiWorld. On the photos and seemingly unrelated peoples interior door handles are lit up. I've looked at my car and there's a clear perspex panel but I'm sure I've never seen them light up. Am I missing something, is this...
  4. GenerationGav

    J533 - T54 plug replacement female pins

    There's two T54 connectors going into the CanBus under the rear seats. Basically I'm trying to fit a reversing camera and need 2 additional pins to go into this plug. Does anybody know the part number or where I can order them from?
  5. GenerationGav

    Disabling passenger seat seatbelt alarm

    I know I can use OBD11 to disable the seatbelt alarm completely, but I'm really just after disabling the passenger seat alarm via disabling the weight sensor. Is there an easy way to do this either by OBD11 or physically unplugging the weight sensor. The reason for this is I've got a car seat on...
  6. GenerationGav

    Roof Bars - black or silver

    I've got a black A4 Avant with the silver rails. Looking at getting some Roof Bars (Cruz Airo Fix) and wondering if black bars (to match the car) or aluminium (to match the rails) would look best. They won't be on the car most of the time anyway.
  7. GenerationGav

    Long Servicing Schedule

    I've got the Long/Dynamic servicing schedule. My first Oil Change is due in 63 days, car will be about a year old ,so generally sounds about right. My Inspection is due in 217 days, as it stands that would be 154 days after my oil change, that doesn't sound right. When my Oil Change is done...
  8. GenerationGav

    Front passenger seat child lock

    Is there anyway - using VCDS, or similar, to enable child lock for the front passenger seat? As they offer ISOFIX for this seat you'd have thought there'd be a way of doing it. Even if it didn't open from the inside when the car door was locked that would be ideal, but currently it seems you can...
  9. GenerationGav

    Google Maps destination entry

    When I log into my Audi I get the following message; I've set this up by going to and entering my myAudi email address as the account or device ID, but when I try to use it I then get the following error; When I try it in Google Maps I get the following...
  10. GenerationGav

    Stainless Steel Pedal Caps

    Has anybody replaced their rubber pedal caps with stainless steel ones? Read a few people who've done it in the US previously. Yes unofficial but don't fancy paying £100 for something I stick my feet on, and people on the US forum say that the knock-offs are as good. This link incase the...
  11. GenerationGav

    MMI version

    I've got a UK A4 B9 - registered March 2019. The MMI version however is 0235 which going off everybody else's numbering seems to be either incorrect, or just really low. Everything seems to work bar the usual issues like having no subwoofer dial. But some of the OBD setting changes I want to do...