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  1. Gops

    Bringing my TQS back to life!

    I really haven't done much!! I've left it through winter and only just really started again!! So I've managed to strip most off the engine to get it over to bill in the coming month, gearbox is ready for Gas n Gears, although they are very busy so i'm waiting for a response off them to get my...
  2. Gops

    Audi A4 restoration-rebuild thread

    Looks Amazing bud! Im restoring mine but not to the extent as you are! Amazing!
  3. Gops

    Bringing my TQS back to life!

    Thanks Rav! I’m going to remove the gearbox and send the engine down to Bill next week, the bores really need checking to make sure it’s okay, hoping not to spend big bucks rebuilding the engine, found a K04-015 for £120! Besides that the car actually looks very young underneath. I found a place...
  4. Gops

    Back Again... Noggy B5 S4

    Mmm your car is gorgoeus! Wish I could find a nice S4 to play with!
  5. Gops

    AJL Cruise control?

    Hi mate! Do you still have the wiring diagrams?
  6. Gops

    Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

    Car looks gorgeous in Red! It's in much better condition than mine! Looking forward to seeing this progress :)
  7. Gops

    Bringing my TQS back to life!

    Engine is out! Took me some time to get it out, couldn't get my 8mm allen key to bite on the balance rod on the gearbox and after much swearing and a few cries, I managed to get this out with the help from Mr J (dad). Next thing to do is pay Badger 5 a visit soon, bribe him with some samosa's...
  8. Gops

    Bringing my TQS back to life!

    Hi all! Some of you may remember me from the 8L section where I had a Badger 5 S3 with 605bhp! Since then I've had a few BMW's and now im back to an Audi! So why have I bought one? Well, it was more for a father and son project with my dad. I bought Bill's old 1.8TQS which I planned to get...
  9. Gops

    Issues updating interface

    Hi all, It’s been a while since I’ve used my interface, so downloading vcds again and trying to use the cable seen me having to update the interface’s firmware but I’m unable to do this? I see that this vcds isn’t “authorised” and for the life of me I can’t find the yellow sticker that was on...
  10. Gops

    xenon lights??

    Why don’t you give EM tuning an email? trups can transform your lights into better than OEM xenons.
  11. Gops

    Coding help

    Why did you change the wheel? Where abouts in London. I'm in west Hempstead on some weekends so I could have a look.
  12. Gops

    Alacantra interior

    I Just sold mine for £200 for the whole interior! doh!
  13. Gops

    Attendee list GTi International 3-4th June 2017

    Can I come - and bring my M2? :)
  14. Gops

    Gops' Subtle mod thread

    That's only in the M4 GTS
  15. Gops

    Gops' Subtle mod thread

    iTS HERE
  16. Gops

    couple of s3 builds, stroker aet3076 and stroker aet3584

    The car sounds amazing bill. Hoping to get some time to pop up and see it! Those pops and cracks are lovely! Honestly the experience in a badger5 Car is unreal. I've never driven something since that rivals it. Nothing prepares you for the torque, absolutely nothing.
  17. Gops

    Gops' Subtle mod thread

    Engine and other things went today. Very emotional for me as I really loved the craftsmanship @badger5 put in the build. Luckily a member of the forum has it and will be another Badger5 build! Tbh I refused a lot of offers on the engine as the one thing I wanted was it to be another Badger 5...
  18. Gops

    What have you done today?

    Will a facelift one fit?