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  1. psychopomp1

    'Auto Hold Release' settings

    Hi, I've just seen this in OBD11 and keen to try this out on my A6 C8 but a bit puzzled as to what the various Auto Hold settings mean. The settings mention how soon the brakes are released AFTER Auto Hold is activated but surely the speed is irrelevant. as the brakes are only released once you...
  2. psychopomp1

    Anyone got Blackline rear lights?

    Euurgghhhh...looks like a Tesla: But if you're happy with them, then fair do's :)
  3. psychopomp1

    Stop/ start frequency

    On my 40 TDI Quattro stop/start comes on frequently as I mainly use AC eco mode and also have a heavy foot on the brake LOL But I've gotten used to disable this feature everytime i fire up the engine so its not a huge bug bear anymore, its a damn shame it can't disabled pemanently in VCDS or OBD11.
  4. psychopomp1

    New C8 delivered today - Couple of queries

    Cheers, indeed the Tour Pack removes the flat bottom steering wheel. Perhaps the OP would like to confirm they do indeed have the Tour pack on their A6?
  5. psychopomp1

    New C8 delivered today - Couple of queries

    By 'driver assistance pack' do you mean 'parking assist with parking aid plus' @ £2k+ extra? Because even adding that pack keeps the flat bottom steering wheel.
  6. psychopomp1

    New C8 delivered today - Couple of queries

    But why does the Audi configurator still show flat bottom steering wheel as standard for the BE A6 MY2022 ? Unless it was only MY2021 models which didn't have it? Perhaps someone else with a BE MY2021 can confirm?
  7. psychopomp1

    New C8 delivered today - Couple of queries

    OP, sorry can't help you with your question but having seen your car (which looks stunning btw) in the picture thread, it seems you do NOT have the flat bottom steering wheel - which comes as standard on a Black Edition A6. I would get in touch with the dealer and ask them for clarification...
  8. psychopomp1


    OP, its very easy to activate traffic sign recognition using the Kufatec dongle. You plug it into the OBD port and wait a minute or two until the dongle lights change colour and then unplug...that's it. Though you will need to leave the bonnet open if your car is MY2019 or MY2020 model. If its a...
  9. psychopomp1

    New Tyres Recommendations

    I've got Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tyres on my 40 TDI Quattro and they're great. VERY comfortable, great in the wet (and dry) and wear seems to be good so far.
  10. psychopomp1

    User change

    Perfectly normal.
  11. psychopomp1

    Just ordered

    As annoying as it as, not all dealerships can provide a free courtesy car at short notice, irrespective of whether your car's going for a warranty repair/investigation or regular servicing.
  12. psychopomp1

    Headlights mode

    Matrix lights are adaptive LED lights, so will have LEDs. You can find out if they're Matrix or not by driving at night on a dark or poorly lit road and see how the beams behave when detecting oncoming traffic, in 'auto light' mode. If the beams dance like mad then you have Matrix lights.
  13. psychopomp1

    Car covers

    I've bought this, superb cover. I know its over your budget but well worth it :)
  14. psychopomp1

    Recall: 70I2 - A-Checking dash panel

    You can't switch off stop/start permanently, at least not on the >MY19 A6 models. You'll just have to get in the habit of switching it off manually every time you fire up the engine, trust me you get used to it and it becomes second nature quite easily :)
  15. psychopomp1

    Audi A6 C8 - Real World Consumption

    On my 40 TDI Quattro, getting around 45 MPG around town and 55+ MPG on motorways. My petrol A4 B9 40 TFSI was only giving me 30 MPG around town. Diesel engines rock!! lol
  16. psychopomp1

    How Safe is OBD Eleven?

    yeah scandinavian rear DRLs is a great mod, but you cant' switch on animation on rear lights, you need different lights for that. I've also switched off lane switching feature, as I hate it. Only thing i cannot switch off permanently in OBD11 is the stop/start feature but its not the end of the...
  17. psychopomp1

    How Safe is OBD Eleven?

    Possibly a temporary thing only. I did long coding to get wireless carplay enabled on my 2020 A6, this was done a few months ago without any dramas in OBD11. TBH you're better off sticking with the pre-programmed 'apps' in OBD11, ok they're not free but at least there's less chance of something...
  18. psychopomp1

    42L1 - A-Servicing rear axle¹

    Also got the same message, though I have the 2020 A6. Affects all A4/A5/A6/A7/A8 models from MY2020 and MY2021. More info here: I called the dealer this morning and they are aware of it and said rear...
  19. psychopomp1

    Recall 42L1 – Rear Axle Lock Nuts May Break

    Spoke to Highland Audi and indeed there is a 'Recall 42L1' out for my A6. They will replace the rear wheel bolts as apparently they're unsafe! This only applies to 2020 and 2021 A6 models (mine is MY2020).
  20. psychopomp1

    Recall 42L1 – Rear Axle Lock Nuts May Break

    More info here: