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  1. AGB-S3

    Last set of A3 S3 8L Quattro and TT 8N Quattro Eibach ARBs

    Koni stopped supplying replacement springs for there coil over set-up last year ..all gone , unless some one has 'old' stock
  2. AGB-S3

    Radiator fans problems

    water pump ok ? thermostat stuck ? over heat when driving normally ..could be something restricted , can you hear the secondary pump running ?
  3. AGB-S3

    RNS-E retrofitters, need a little help with speed signal

    Ah .. Missed the hyper text link .. thats some project - may be the phone 'sat nav in the cup holder is not so bad after all .. for now in 2021 , one of the aftermarket devices look tempting ?
  4. AGB-S3

    RNS-E retrofitters, need a little help with speed signal

    I will do a write up on mine when it is done but won't be for a couple of weeks. ??
  5. AGB-S3

    Fit larger rear disc brakes

    Tnx , Actually not seeing many convincing cases for fast road use , the change from solid to vented , a3/s3 looks to me a more popular upgrade, along with some odd logic round not fitting expensive pads to the rear ' as they don't do very much' 350/300 may only be 8 > 10 %...
  6. AGB-S3

    Fit larger rear disc brakes

    Fit larger rear disc brakes ? previous owner fitted brembo jumbo kit , retained the standard rear's , look a litle small in comparison .. Whats about ? what fits ? what works ? whats needed ? Tnx- Graham
  7. AGB-S3

    Fit a SAT nav ?

    General inquiry Whilst replacing the tail gate lock, lock was fine , micro switch failed , I found , the car has a FM Aerial amplifier , linked to the read heated window .. but not actually in use .. As is, the car has a Bose system, power amps in the rear wing...
  8. AGB-S3

    V-Power Ron reduction.

    Nearest esso 99 , over 20 miles away , the one down the road , only stocks 97 bid Tesco close by though ..
  9. AGB-S3

    V-Power Ron reduction.

    Are we too old to be listed , or actually comptiable ? uk gov web site >> E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Audi petrol driven vehicles, excluding the following vehicles: First generation direct injection engines: Audi A2 1.6 FSI, model years 2003-2005 Audi A3 1.6 FSI, model year 2004...
  10. AGB-S3

    Anybody used Unit 20 VW/Audi Specialists in Neston, Wirral..?

    Moved to larger unit , just round the corner, while back , still going , still providing excellent service , remained open during the lock downs , Mechanical work been spot on, also have full laser 4 wheel alignment , quite happy to set up with lowered suspension etc
  11. AGB-S3

    Foam on front seats deteriated

    That's mighty nice of them ... seems there are a few local shops that can sort it out ,on the phone, the oddity appears to be its not the seat sides that have the issue its the flat part of the seat , more the rear smaller panel , but in saying that , the foam on the...
  12. AGB-S3

    Foam on front seats deteriated

    Ive seen various steam/heat related fixes , but , is this an option ? and who could refurbish the seats? , yes new foam , would be ideal .. id rather take it somewhere but .. who ? by now any scrap recovery seats will probably be in the same condition
  13. AGB-S3

    Foam on front seats deteriated

    Any ideas as to recovering the seat foam ? just the flat seat areas , possible the back , areas covered with 'cloth' have lost support .. The leather covered side supports appear to remain ok Tnx-Graham
  14. AGB-S3

    Dash flickering and car won't start shortly after turned off.

    Power Relay linked to the aux contacts on the ign switch , was heating on mine , coil must of had shorted turns replaced relays in cabin and engine bay along with ignition swich [just electrical switch] had dash flickering and odd warning lights ,,,, linked to...
  15. AGB-S3

    Replacement Fuel pump

    Any thoughts on these pump assembly's ...
  16. AGB-S3

    Loss of performance over 2.5/3 K RPM

    spoke too soon, power delivery is now, akin to a mad horse .. the new MAF is working too well .. what now appears to be far too much boost ... Time for one of those telephone conversations ..
  17. AGB-S3

    Loss of performance over 2.5/3 K RPM

    Fault cleared Air flow sensor , started breaking up , old age may be , dated 2002 original item .. New one fitter , something odd with the electronics coating melting ..[perishing ?] normal service resumed waiting for the next bit to drop off
  18. AGB-S3

    S3- rear wheels feel like they're dragging?

    I had the reverse bunny hop syndrome , full lock slow reverse , one of the rear wheels would tramp and spin in the opposite direction ..felt like rubber band winding up .. stopped with fuse out check on wet grass and slowmo camera , rev and dump in first showed...
  19. AGB-S3

    vaccum pipes

    Vac leaks ...... Should Idle smoothly with the air-con ON, hunts probably air leak , Brakes , left over night should have several brake applications left before the peddle stiffens up , watch for splits in the the hard plastic branches and one way valves leaking ..