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  1. cosmicblue

    SQ5 Decent Insurance prices uk

    One hopes never having to use insurance however having had my car hit whilst parked and unoccupied I discovered two things: 1) A dash cam that works when the car is stationary, locked and unoccupied saves you ££££ in the real world (Blackvue 900x) 2) NFU Mutual are utterly brilliant - and you...
  2. cosmicblue

    Q5 Bang and Olufsen retrofit

    I don't know - both SQ5s I owned had the B&O with the sub was located in the space-saver spare wheel.
  3. cosmicblue

    Q5 Bang and Olufsen retrofit

    It is doable - but not cheap:
  4. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 RSQ3 Blacked Out Badges

    Tom Fox - Email:
  5. cosmicblue

    SQ5 Back in Audi with SQ5

    If you can find the folding mirrors then Kufatec do a coding dongle:
  6. cosmicblue

    Q7 Q7 air suspension

    I thought all the newer ones had air suspension? I had a 2020 loaner (Hertz rental) 55TFSI Q7, gave it back last week and that had air suspension, it was a base car aside from a pano roof - was decent to drive too.
  7. cosmicblue

    Q7 Help please

    You need an Audi dealer for Firmware updates - or you run the risk of stopping something working. What is the problem you are trying to fix?
  8. cosmicblue

    Q5 Amazon Music

    1) Make your phone an audio source and then if the Amazon music app is open on your phone it will automatically connect and play - the buttons on the steering wheel work for track navigation. 2) Connect your phone using Apple Car Play or Android Auto (Launched from the Home screen of MMI) and...
  9. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Possible new RSQ3 owner

    I have a regular RSQ3 body shape and like it.
  10. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Possible new RSQ3 owner

    You'll find a lot of RSQ3 owners here (including the two chaps above):
  11. cosmicblue

    Q7 2020 55 TFSI Sline Q7

    You are most welcome.
  12. cosmicblue

    Q7 2020 55 TFSI Sline Q7

    Blackvue 900x 2 channel - used these people: Bought a 256GB MicroSD card for about £33 on Amazon (didn't fall for the waffle on Blackvue web site about reliability - I wasn't born yesterday). I did research the Dashcam topic extensively back in June and concluded...
  13. cosmicblue

    Q7 2020 55 TFSI Sline Q7

    I'm insured with NFU, the moment they confirmed from the Dashcam video that the other vehicle was insured they passed it to their Legal recovery firm, DAS, who immediately said "don't accept the bodyshop car - we will get you an equivalent prestige vehicle". The Q7 is big - need a step ladder...
  14. cosmicblue

    Q7 2020 55 TFSI Sline Q7

    Funded by the offending driver's insurance company - Merc S class for 2 weeks prior to the Q7 :thumbs up:
  15. cosmicblue

    Q7 2020 55 TFSI Sline Q7

    So have had the car for a couple of weeks as a loaner (latest model) as my RS has been off the road having been hit whilst parked (get yourself a dashcam that works when the car isn't occupied - saved me ££££). I'm impressed, nudging 30mpg, decent effortless performance, quiet , great cabin...
  16. cosmicblue

    Q5 Q5 2013 Onwards Roof Rail Query

    Take a look at this thread on the Q3 Owners Club forum:
  17. cosmicblue

    Q7 v8 petrol sq7

    The SQ7 V8 petrol is a beast of a tool - I've see reviews, Joe Achilles, for example that suggest 15mpg+ is probably more realistic. In all seriousness a vehicle like this means that all concepts of economy fall out the window and if you are worrying about running costs then this isn't the...
  18. cosmicblue

    Q3 New Tyres and Pressures

    You need to Store the tyre pressures in the MMI.
  19. cosmicblue

    Q3 Keyless entry ??

    Yup, Frizzley is correct, just playing with the Q3 Configurator Advanced key appears as std in Q3 at Vorsprung trim level and is standard across the RS model range.
  20. cosmicblue

    Q2 New Alloys on SQ2

    Typically if the car has rubber valve stems then the TP monitoring is via the ABS brake sensors, if the car has steel valve stems then you have the full-fat TP monitoring system that displays individual tyre pressure and temps on the dash - its a cost option usually.