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  1. quattrorally

    B&O Cracking Sound Apparently there's a bulletin for distored sound on B&O that can be resolved by a software update. the link is for the audi US, but there's probably one out there for europe too. EDIT: ignore me, that's for the b9 a5
  2. quattrorally

    B&O Cracking Sound

    have you tried with Spotify or YouTube music?
  3. quattrorally

    Show us exclusive colours in all models of Audi Please .

    my old Panther black S3
  4. quattrorally

    S3 to S5

    I did the same thing in November. Mainly because I wanted a smoother ride and nicer up to date interior. It more than meets those requirements. why are you thinking of switching to an S5? what do you want out of it? if you have answers to those I can maybe be more specific.
  5. quattrorally

    Audi S7

    what is an oil screen? is it a filter of sorts? looking at a used S7 and the owner says both turbos were replaced under Audi warranty last year ...I wonder if it was this issue that caused it..
  6. quattrorally

    Audi S7

    looking to by a used petrol S7 What should I be looking out for? common problems etc?. what are the best optional extras to have? do any of them come with carplay? and how can I tell?
  7. quattrorally

    S3 launch control

    subjective question and I suspect different people will give you different answers. I personally wouldn't worry about it too much. just don't take the ****. make sure the engine is warm and don't do it several times in a row. the car is smart and has a million different sensors to detect when...
  8. quattrorally

    A5 Coupe. My 8th Audi.

    What other audi's have you owned? Welcome!
  9. quattrorally

    Extended Interior Lighting

  10. quattrorally

    Extended Interior Lighting

    is it possible to keep the footwell lights on when the exterior lighting is set to the drive select mode?
  11. quattrorally

    Back to a S5 Again!

    Sad to hear your experience was ruined. How did you get the offer? Have considered selling mine since used prices are decent now.
  12. quattrorally

    DiskLok Spare Key - Disklok not responding

    Yeah, they didn't respond to my website enquiry either. When you say one of their distributors, what do you mean? I bought mine via halfords.
  13. quattrorally

    DiskLok Spare Key - Disklok not responding

    I need a spare key for my disklok. The phone disconnects when I try and select an option on their phone line, and they don't answer emails or tweets. Any suggestions?
  14. quattrorally

    PCW Exhausts - Modified Resonators and Backboxes

    Video for those who care. Cold start, i wait for the revs to drop back down, before cycling the drive select all the way to dynamic. The valves open and there are a couple of revs up to 2k, the last rev is up to just under 3k which produces some nice pops.
  15. quattrorally

    Drive Select...

    Same here. Same here.
  16. quattrorally

    Drive Select...

    what do you mean by return?
  17. quattrorally

    S3 replace chrome grill with black edition grill

    Get in touch with Audi Retrofits. I have an S5, and they supplied and fitted an RS grille for me. they can probably supply the black edition S3 grille as well.
  18. quattrorally

    B9 Spacers

    I'm open to both possibilities. it depends. I don't know too much about spacers and how they can effect the car outside of the aesthetics.
  19. quattrorally

    B9 Spacers

    @DPM stock