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    Whats it worth?

    New house purchase may force the sale of my beloved A3 :sob: As a result any ideas on valuation? Car spec is as per signature with 33K on the clock and FASH TIA
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    As some of you may be aware we are due a new additon to the family shortly and a 3dr will/may be a pain with a baby seat. So yesterday my car went into the stealers for some warranty work and I noticed they had a black edition sportback arriving in stock shortly. I enquired and found the car...
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    Maxi-Cosi ISO-Fix Base

    All, I have a 3dr 59 plate and was wondering if the above would fit in the back? Anyone got this? It is for a maxi-cosi cabrio fix car seat. New addition to the family arriving very shortly so a quick response would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Warning Symbols

    Earlier today my DIS beep at me and then briefyl display some text related to DRL's and then a yellow symbol. After a stop and restart this has gone away and I did not get a chance to take a picture. also, the text wasnt displayed for long. Think it may be a bulb issue. Has anyone got any...
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    Rattles and Vibrations

    Anyone experience the following on their 3dr? Intermittanlty windows rattle and this can get annoying. However this is only intermittent and an open and close sometimes sorts it. Rear view mirror vibrates and produces an annoying noise. Anyone experienced the above and got any suggested fixes...
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    Strange Rattling Noise

    Hi Folks, As stated in my sig I have a 59 plate 3dr black edition and recently I have noticed some rattling coming from both the driver and passanger door areas, as though the windows are rattling. It doesn't happen all the time and when music is on you can barely here this. Anyone else...
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    3 door to Sportback

    Contemplating swapping the 3 door black edition for a Sportback black edition and have been looking at the used car locator for some examples. Seen as though my car is pretty new (Sept 09) been looking like for like (in terms of age and spec). Understand that I wont get an exact match but was...
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    Part Number Help Please - GloveBox

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the part number is for a non-cd changer A3 8p Sline/Black Edition Glovebox? I've found a seller and wanted to confirm that it is the right one. Many Thanks.
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    A3 8p Glove Box

    Hi, Got a scratch on my glove box lid and was wondering if I am able to repair it or if not then replace it. Any ideas of the part number or recommended method of repair? Any ideas of cost? The scratch is quite deep as you can feel it when you run your finger across it. Cheers.
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    GSM Phoneprep

    Folks, I've got bluetooth in my car - system with the crable option in the arm rest. Anyhow all was working sweetly until recently :crying: The system was paired with my HTC Hero running Anroid 1.5 and all was well. The phone has recently been upgraded to Andriod 2.1 and I know notice the...
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    Tyre Pressure Recommendations

    Folks, What is the recommended pressure, according to driver door plate, on your A3. Search shows mixed running pressures but wanted to know what the "official" audi suggestion is. For my A3 170 TDi Black Ed (18") it's 41 front and 35 rear.
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    Scratch Removal

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a decent scratch removal outfit in the Shropshire area? Got a scratch on the drivers door and is really bugging me so want to get it sorted. I think it will require a respray as I can feel the damage when running my fingers across it :crying: I've got a quote off Chips...
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    Phone Prep Volume

    Morning All, Is there any way to reduce the volume of the phone prep for when the woman says something like "Your call is being connected", right after you select the number to call I knew it was loud but didn't realise you could hear it outside the car!
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    A3 GSM Prep Bluetooth Profile

    Does anyone on here know of what bluetooth profile your phone needs to support in order for the GSM car kit to read the SIM. This is when the phone is connected via bluetooth and not via the cradle in the arm rest. I think RSAP is required when connected to a cradle but may be wrong. I've...
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    HTC Hero/ T-Mobile G2

    Anyone on here used this with the A3 GSM Car Kit? Wanted to know how it worked and whether or not the car kit is able to read the phonebook entries?
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    New Car - Help and Advice

    All, Picked up the Black Edition on Friday. Already done 500 miles and still can't stop smiling - first Audi and am absolutely loving it! Spec is as follows: 3dr, 20l TDI 170 bhp, Black Edition, Folding mirrors, interior light pack, Silver Alu Inlays, 'Normal' Sline Alloys, Rear Parking...
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    VAG COM Changes

    Hi All, I eagerly awating the collection of my black edition at the end of this month - waits been a killer :( Anyhow, I have seen a couple of thread recently regarding VAG Com and things you can change. Being new to Audi, was wondering if anyone could recommend any usefull features I could...
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    Auto Lights/Wipers v Manual Lights/Wipers

    Apart from the obvious do auto lights/wipers offer any other benefits especially with regards to LED DRL’s. I’ve ordered a Black Edition and not specced this option so was wondering if it was worth adding (if possible) if they do offer some other benefits. Could anyone tell me what the...
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    09 Facelift Grill Options

    With all this talk of changing Grills on a facelift A3 it got me thinking.... I've just ordered a 3dr 170 Black Edition :) (due in Sept :sadlike: ) which is coming with the optics grill as standard but should I want to change it, what options are available? Pictures would be handy...
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    A3 DRL's

    Wondering if you knowledgable folks can answer the following: On a A3 with no auto lights ... Do the DRL's blink when indicating as per A5? Do they stay on when headlights are on? If yes to the above, do they dim when headlights are on? Cheers.