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  1. Toonsoldier91

    Aircon/interior blower

    Afternoon everyone just been out in the car and noticed that after going into a shop that the air on wasn’t working And the fan was making a weird noise hard to describe front fan comes on when air con is in and it does seem to cool i just can’t notice it as much as when fans are on full speed...
  2. Toonsoldier91

    Car insurance rip

    car insurance is due and while Having a play with some quotes I done one at mine and one at my parents who live not even half a mile away and it’s 200 pounds cheaper there !! is there anything I can use to check postcodes insurance risks etc ?
  3. Toonsoldier91

    Cooling fan running before car is started

    Morning everyone. just a quick question, I was getting kids into car this morning and my cooling fan started to run for about 10/20 seconds on high power. ive never noticed this happen before the car has even been turned on anyone had this before ? Car had been sat for 9 hours so fully cold...
  4. Toonsoldier91

    Neighbour complaining about where I park my car advice

    Evening all. some older women has been complaining about me parking my car at the bottom of my drive instead of on the drive Insisting im blocking the road and her drive she doesn’t drive and the only person who goes near her house is her gardening that comes ones in a blue moon and her son...
  5. Toonsoldier91

    Front parking sensors

    Hi all. my front parking sensors have started kicking in really late to the point you nearly hit stuff anyone had a problem like this ? I’m hoping there just a little too dirty thanks
  6. Toonsoldier91

    Avant rear window problem

    Evening everything. First issue with the a4 since owning it both rear windows go down just fine same speed as the fronts id say, but both seem really slow at going up back, and most times the drivers side rear goes up a little then back down and I have to keep doing it 2/3 times for it to...
  7. Toonsoldier91

    Paint questions

    Afternoon everyone. Hope yous are keeping well. Went out to wash my car at lunch time to notice this lovely scratch on my passenger wing Mirror. Deffo been done on purpose and it’s on the top. Least they were considerate and done it on plastic ‍♂️ How much do you think this will cost to replace...
  8. Toonsoldier91

    Anyone selling some Valet pro citrus pre wash

    afternoon everyone. I’m looking at getting back into my detailing and am after some of the above. Most places are out of stock or over selling ( 100 quid on eBay in some cases ) If anyone is selling some please inbox me. Thanks
  9. Toonsoldier91

    2.0tdi Boost pressure valve

    Good Afternoon everyone. I hope yous are all safe and well. I need a bit of advice. I have a buzz from the above valve ( I believe that’s what it is anyways ). I noticed it because I had my bonnet open while the car was running. I turned it off and when I put the engine cover back on it...
  10. Toonsoldier91

    Does anyone on here work in child services or law

    As the title, looking for some advice on something. Don’t want to post all over the internet So if there is anyone who works in child services or law and are willing to offer me some advice could you please inbox me Thank you
  11. Toonsoldier91

    Driver side disc scored

    Afternoon everyone I’ve just noticed that my drivers side disc is scored they don’t feel very deep yet so I’m hoping I can save it as I don’t wanna be replacing them 9 months into ownership Any tips on what I could do ?? Some heavy breaking from say 70? Do you think that would help...
  12. Toonsoldier91

    Refilling adblue

    Morning everyone. My adblue is showing 1200 miles. Am just wanting to know how many litres I should add to fill the tank back up. The tank is 24l according to the Audi app Thanks
  13. Toonsoldier91

    Minor damage insurance protection

    afternoon everyone. Just noticed some damage on my car today that’s very minor I’m guessing someone has clipped my car in a car park or something and just drove away and I got minor damage insurance when I bought my car via lookers But I’ve a couple of questions before contacting them about...
  14. Toonsoldier91

    Alloy brush

    any recommendations on a alloy wheel brush. Ideally nice and thin to get between the calliper etc to clean the inside. Thanks
  15. Toonsoldier91

    To everyone with 19 inch rims and sports suspension

    As you’d know I upgraded my alloys from 18 to 19 inch on Friday and I’m just wanting to ask you guys what you think of the ride on the 19” wheels as at this moment I’m thinking about sticking the originals on and selling the new ones on ( if anyone wants to make a offer pm me ) Basically what...
  16. Toonsoldier91

    How much are my alloys worth

    afternoon. I’ve just had a very good price for some Audi alloys ( refurbished ) and am looking at selling my wheels and tyres on if I do decide to go for them. I think there called the speedlines 18 with 245/40/r18 tyres all above 6 maybe 7mm but I would have to check. Pics below 2 of them...
  17. Toonsoldier91

    Noise when in d ( idle )

    afternoon everyone. Just after some guidance since this is my first s tronic bear box so I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not. I’ve noticed if I’m idle and I put car into d or r there’s a distinct noise. It only happens when put into d or r. I’ve got a small video and I hope you can...
  18. Toonsoldier91

    Best time to renew insurance for best price

    just as the total says really, when do you guys find it best to renew for the best price. Eg 4 weeks before or 2 weeks Mines due next month. Always a fun time of year Thanks
  19. Toonsoldier91

    Raceglaze 7l water filter

    goodmorning everyone I’ve been looking into getting one of the raceglaze water filters to wash my car ( final rinse only ) I havnt got as much time on my hands to be drying etc Are they as good as people make out ?? Can I really just finally rinse it and let it dry with no Water spots ...
  20. Toonsoldier91

    Any Newcastle united fans on here ??

    what do you make of the current take over gossip?? I’m hoping it’s true but don’t believe anything untill it’s on sky sports news