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  1. phil76

    Statller Rs3 powered 4 wheel drive mk6 golf project

    Just thought i would copy the link to this as Hurdy who some of you might know from events has already done the hard work ( sorry for linking another forum as i dont know if thats allowed) But basically its as in the title and been pretty exciting to see the work and i'm sure some of you who...
  2. phil76

    Recommend me a good quick detailing spray

    I have used many but i keep going back to megs nxt which has always been brilliant and done the job but the last bottle i had the liquid inside was white where as its always been clear from memory and didnt seem to do the job well and was a pain in the pipe to remove, My mate give me some to try...
  3. phil76

    Channel 5 boxing,any boxing fans do you watch ?

    Just wondering if anyone else watches? its nice to have some boxing back on normal tv but Tyson Fury talking about style and movement of other fighters i find a joke and James Degale slagging Froch and Kessler off saying they would struggle with him, i think is this a joke for the delusional ?
  4. phil76

    S3 Headlamp bulbs help,am i being stupid ?

    Hello all I am looking into getting some whiter side lamp bulbs to get rid of the dim yellow effect then i was looking what other bulbs they do to go at the side of the xenon lamp,but this is it all the bulb websites say i should have a H7 bulb on the inner side of the xenon towards the grille...
  5. phil76

    La Noire who is waiting for this ?????

    So as above getting giddy about this like me? i havnt been as excited about spending so much time alone in my room since i got a laptop and internet connection to the world of all things a man on there could find. just hope it lives up to how it looks and cant see why not as rockstar did amazing...
  6. phil76

    New Porsche advert on youtube, A must watch !!!!

    Ok its a bit long 12mins-ish but very interesting and the porsche spyder concept (which they are making!) looks nearly as sweet as Megan Fox YouTube - All new Porsche 918 Spyder Concept and Cayenne S Hybrid 2011 Say what you think,basically its an electric motor that gathers energy from...
  7. phil76

    Coming home lights repair wire part number required PLEASE

    I am after doing this mod and work in the trade,i have rang our local tps centre who we deal with and they say this number doesnt help them at all,i have been told you have helped people on here with this before and wondering if you could do the same for me please,is that the proper part number...
  8. phil76

    Hello all! boot spoiler help for an A4 saloon

    My mate has just bought the above and just wondering where is best to get one from ? do any after market company do a good fitting one or is it a dealer only part ? had a look on awsome gti & euro car parts but nothing listed cheers for any replies folks
  9. phil76

    Fire!!!! wtf ?? just wondering has anyone else heard of this sorry to post from another forum but seems pointless to write it all again
  10. phil76

    Facebook Revenge ! A must see if not already Sorry pinched from another site but its classic must be seen so hope not been posted already,would also advise checking the proper site out aswell:lmfao:
  11. phil76

    lcr splitter thread ! can anyone point to me where its gone?

    Hello i wanted to browse the pics which were on the thread above but done a search and cant find it and even a search for threads i have posted in and still no joy even though i know i commented,can anyone send me the link or anything that can help so i can browse again ? cheers:sos:
  12. phil76

    Arm rest,who has fitted one and is it worth it?

    Hi people, my A3 came without the arm rest which my mates at statller have yet again came up trumps and got me but is it much of a job to fit? do you lose the compartment with the sliding cover over the cup holder? and lastly are they like on the mk4 golfs that once fitted weather in up or down...
  13. phil76

    pressies for the lads(thats if they pasted ok)

    Pressies for REAL men
  14. phil76

    A few from a works e-mail

    When I got divorced, my wife said she would fight for custody of the kids. Took her out with one f**king punch. My grandad gave me some sound advice on his deathbed. "It's worth spending money on good speakers," he told me. My wife being unhappy with my mood swings brought me one of these...