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  1. sloth_sloman

    Air Filter Cone

    Will a air filter cone just connect under the bonnet or would you need the whole intake kit to go with?
  2. sloth_sloman

    Carbon Engine Clean

    Have many people had the carbon engine clean done? Is it worth getting it done?
  3. sloth_sloman

    B7 or B8

    Hi guys, at the risk of sounding stupid is there a definitive way to finding out if car is a B7 or B8? my VIN is WAUZZZ8K7XXXXXX Thanks
  4. sloth_sloman

    Opinions/Help/Thoughts.......... Audi A4 Avant

    Hi Guys, Bought my Audi in Feb and done a few little bits to it but awaiting the summer to do more, Biggest thing I've done so far is change the standard wheels for some better looking ones, Driving back from Birmingham airport Tuesday night i hit one almighty pot hole, didn't think much of it...
  5. sloth_sloman

    Somerset Newbie!!

    Hi All, This week i upgraded from the beast that is an Astra (sarcasm) to my new baby of 2008, 2.0l tdi A4 Avant. Cant believe i waited this long to finally buy an Audi. 2 days and im turned already. Cars bit plain jane at the moment but hoping to get some mods and little changes as the months...
  6. sloth_sloman

    Internal/External Bulb Change

    I'm thinking about changing the interior bulbs to LEDs and the externals to Xenon bulbs, Will this trigger any faults etc?
  7. sloth_sloman

    Armrest... What the Jeff is this????

    Does anyone know what this is in my armrest and is it removable? Seems to take up alot of the space
  8. sloth_sloman

    Electronic Handbrake .......

    I bought my Audi A4 Estate on Monday and it came with the electronic handbrake. Now my old car (Astra) had the same but on hill starts it came with the assist where it would hold for 3 seconds allowing you to get biting point. Does the Audi come with anything like this as everytime ive been on a...