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  1. Hotscar

    Disc update

    Hello peeps, been a while... Can these be trusted??
  2. Hotscar

    Found these today

    It's been a while but I logged in to 'photobucket' earlier and found these. It was a very good car to me and I still miss it today... and what made it so clean
  3. Hotscar

    Gay but funny and must have taken some practise

  4. Hotscar

    Gone but not forgotten...

    ...sold my S3 today. Advertised it Saturday night, got a few calls and arranged viewings for tonight and the first person that came gave me cash and drove the car away. It needed 4 tyres and as a result he bid me down £400 (I expected to lose more) but overall, I'm happy with the outcome...
  5. Hotscar

    Audi Service History

    What is classed as FASH on an 8L S3? Should it have been serviced every year or as the service book says which is every 2 years or 19,000 miles (correct me if I'm wrong).
  6. Hotscar

    Sing star PS3 and PS2

    Basically, I'm looking at getting a PS3. There are several reasons why I'm swaying for one of these over the Xbox and one of them is because the missus played sing star over the new year and loved it. My question is: can you use the sing star games from the PS2 on the PS3? Thanks for you help.
  7. Hotscar

    Nice S3 on the meguiars website!

    As the title says. In the gallery under January 2008.
  8. Hotscar

    Is this the most expensive petrol station in the UK?

    Saw these prices today and had to take a pic.
  9. Hotscar

    Saw this at whilst watching the touring cars...

    And then saw the owner! His watch strap was orange as well...
  10. Hotscar

    Do Polished Bliss sell this?

  11. Hotscar

    WTCC at Brands Today

    Anyone going?
  12. Hotscar

    Brown Moment??

  13. Hotscar

    80's Fancy Dress

    Right guys and girls. Someone has already mentioned The Fall Guy tonight so I thought I'd pick your brains. The better half and I are going to a fancy dress party at the end of the month and the theme is the 80's. So come on, what can we go as?!
  14. Hotscar

    5th gear reminder

    For those of you that don't know, it's a new series tonight kicking of with the Bugatti Veyron and they're also comparing the S5 and 335...think the BM will win that one myself but anyway, let's hope it's better than the last series!
  15. Hotscar

    Serious drifting

  16. Hotscar

    Quick SLK
  17. Hotscar

    Anyone seen this??

  18. Hotscar

    Castle Combe Action

    There's one very lucky fella in this lot.
  19. Hotscar

    Gallon of petrol...

    £5.60, half a dozen gas bottles £68.00, Jeep £2,400, watching two terrorists burn...priceless!
  20. Hotscar

    Spot the problem