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  1. Phutters

    Strange goings on in the coolant header tank

    I wonder if any of you kind chaps could throw any light on this. Okey doke. Background information first. The car is a 2.0TFSI 190, just - just - three years old and with a measly 14,000 miles on the clock. It had a service yesterday. The coolant was tested and its level checked as part of...
  2. Phutters

    Another rear DRL question. Does anybody know how this should work?

    Partly because of an irresistible desire to tinker and partly because I think rear DRLs are generally a Good Thing, I tried enabling them using the alternative method in the current beta version of Carista. Before I explain what happened, the car is a 2017 MY 2.0TFSI Sportback in Sport trim...
  3. Phutters

    Alternator output voltage

    The car is a 2017 2.0TFSI 190 with 11,500 on the clock. What would you expect the alternator's output voltage at idle to be after a cold start, and are there any normal circumstances under which it might vary? Measuring at the battery - which may well not be holding charge as it should - I got...
  4. Phutters

    Glovebox fuses

    I feel as if I ought to apologise before even asking this question, because you could quite rightly say, 'Why don't you get outside with a multitester and work it out for yourself, you lazy git?' And if you are inclined to say that, then I'll take it squarely on the chin. So I apologise in...
  5. Phutters

    Tinkering for tinkering's sake - LED indicator bulbs

    I decided to change my front indicator bulbs. Now I appreciate that this is very small beer indeed in the context of stage 3 tuning, a bigger turbocharger, coilovers, spacers, beefy anti-roll bars and stretched tyres on 20" 10J alloys , but it is what it is. For months and months the way the...
  6. Phutters

    Missing subwoofer adjustment control

    Firstly, I apologise for starting a new thread when there are already at least two which have been running for some time... This here 2017 2.0TFSI Sportback - which I've had since December 2016 - was ordered with the Audi Sound System, but came without the subwoofer control it should have had...