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  1. Sherbs

    £320 For First Oil Service! WTF!

    That was with Sinclair Audi in Bridgend
  2. Sherbs

    £320 For First Oil Service! WTF!

    My 1st service (oil change) was £190 at main dealer, 2nd service oil and inspection was £328 again at main dealer, goes to show the massive difference in prices out there.
  3. Sherbs


    I had new tyres fitted 2 weeks ago and went for the Goodyear F1 *** 3, so far i can't say i notice a massive amount of difference over the Hankooks. I took a couple of pictures of the rim protection on both sets and there's no real difference there either. First is Hankook tyre the Goodyear.
  4. Sherbs


    I'll be needing tyres on the front very soon, the car has done about 16000 miles so far, the rears still have 4 mm ish left on them. I thought that they would have worn at the same rate being quattro. Currently have Hankooks Ventus Evo S1 EVO2 on 19's, what do other people have and think of...
  5. Sherbs

    S5 Servicing Cost

    Had my first oil change service yesterday, £198.50 with Bridgend Audi. Reasonable I thought.
  6. Sherbs

    Wheels spinning / skipping recently

    I had this issue on my S3, then i noticed the front tyres were wearing faster than the rears (the previous 3 sets all wore at the same rate), it wouldn't wheel spin all the time but it was getting worse. I did a bit of research and it was probably the haldex, i changed the oil which made it a...
  7. Sherbs

    Anyone feel a bit "meh" with their S5 or is it just me?

    I've also come from a S3 to the S5, the S3 was a pocket rocket in comparison but as was said earlier "it's like trying to compare apples and bananas" I miss the more aggressive urgent nature of the S3 but i like the more relaxed powerful style of the S5.
  8. Sherbs

    Chrome door handle on S5?

    Just had a look at mine and they are body coloured, (Navarra Blue)
  9. Sherbs

    S5 and S4 Production Suspended....

    Mine left the factory on the 23rd June and sat at the port for 3 weeks, it arrived at the dealers last week and i'm picking it up Wednesday. So it can take quite a while after its been built to being delivered.
  10. Sherbs

    S5 and S4 Production Suspended....

    I Emailed Audi UK to ask about delays and they called me about an hour ago, the chap on the phone said he didn't know anything about production delays for the S4/5 and didn't know anything about emission problems. Cardiff Audi were also unaware of any issues with the S4/5 yesterday when i was...
  11. Sherbs

    Fuel consumption for S3 sportback?

    I filled up lst week and worked out the mpg at 28.2. That was with a couple of runs down the motorway and a little bit of fun, but it still has only 500 miles on the clock so i've been taking it easy. Im my experience it will get better as the miles go on, depending how you drive it:busted_cop:
  12. Sherbs

    Misano or Brilliant Red

    I was tempted to buy a Misano red S3 but when I saw the 2 reds next to each other in the show room (one on a TTRS the other on a R8) I found it hard to tell them apart, in fact I thought the Misano was Solid Red at first as i couldn't see any flecks in it. The Misano does have an orange tint to...
  13. Sherbs

    Lights on exterior handles or mirrors

    No I don't think so, but there are lights on the bottom of the door so when its open it shines on the ground.
  14. Sherbs

    S3 Colours - Pics of each option??

    I couldn't see the pearl effect on the Misano either so I saved the money and had the solid red instead, which looks better IMO.
  15. Sherbs

    **PICS** Standard v S-Line suspension

    S3 suspension
  16. Sherbs

    2013 Audi S3

    I think if you got an exclusive colour in one of the bright blues you'd have a car that a lot of people would want, and it could be easier to sell in the future or even get a better resale value.
  17. Sherbs

    2013 Audi S3

    I've only got the one photo today, but here she is.
  18. Sherbs

    2013 Audi S3

    I collect mine this afternoon.:icon_thumright:
  19. Sherbs

    A3 or Q3

    I had a Q3, it was a good car with plenty of space and a good driving experience. High enough up but you didn't feel too high. Unfortunately mine had a vibration and I rejected it, they do have some build quality issues. Have a look at the Q3 forum. Audi Q3 Forums