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  1. Amchlolor

    B8 Avant - Monza silver???

    Our leasing company claim they can get me any one of two B8 Avant S-lines within 4 weeks. One is in Ice Silver, which I can see on the Audi configurator. The other, with the better spec (B+O/AMI/phone prep) is in Monza silver. I can't see Monza silver on the configurator? Are they speaking ****...
  2. Amchlolor

    New B8 A4 Avant S-line question (spare wheel)

    Quick question, Does the new (B8?) A4 Avant come with a spare of any kind, or ****** mousse and a compressor?
  3. Amchlolor

    Hopefully not a polished bliss client!

    Taken in Aberdeen yesterday. It'll buff out.
  4. Amchlolor

    Noisy cars = MOT failure - HURRAH!

    Any car making more than 80db in a drive-by test will fail it's MOT. About ****** time!:yahoo: Of course, two downsides to this. 1/ Three years of noise before the twits are due an MOT, on a new car. 2/ They could just put a standard exhaust back on for the MOT. With regard to point two, I'd...
  5. Amchlolor

    Some mods!

  6. Amchlolor

    Audi R3 + R8

    The R3 been mentioned on here before? I don't recall it. 240bhp diesel with quattro and a semi-stripped interior? Also an interesting letter in last week's Autocar, from a bloke dismissing the alleged R8 waiting list as nonsense. He stated his local dealer has 3 in stock and he has been trying...
  7. Amchlolor

    Attn polished bliss, R8 and TT-S photos?

    I know you've done an R8 and TT-S recently and I know you took loads of photos (of the R8, at least). Let's see them then.;)
  8. Amchlolor

    New Merc C-class (feel free to ignore!!)

    This is what Sixt in Prague gave us, when we'd actually booked an economy, Astra-type, vehicle.:) A Merc C200 diesel. £93 for 4 days.:) Anyway, I was very impressed with it. My mate assured me it was the most basic one, but it was very well equipped. Very, very well made too. Felt really solid...
  9. Amchlolor

    New sticky??

    Would anyone else like a 'sticky' where one could give the reg of your car and give a brief resume of it? Something prospective owners could consult? Or is it a bit of a stretch to think prospective owners would come onto this website before buying?? I saw my old car the other day and I just...
  10. Amchlolor

    RIP Craig Jones

    British supersport 600cc rider, severely injured whilst fighting for the lead at Brands Hatch yesterday. Died of his injuries in the early hours of this morning. :(
  11. Amchlolor

    Getting a go of an R8 next week

    Client's just bought an R8 for his wife:ohmy: Getting a shot next week when I go for lunch with him. I might get a shot of his DB9 at the same time. Either that or he'll take the DB9 and I'll take the R8. I'll report back next week.:hi:
  12. Amchlolor

    LED DRL's

    I take it these 'fairy lights' are leading to all sorts of replicas? I've twice seen an old model (54 plate) Mondeo with them. A strip that curved under the normal lights, exactly like an A4. TBH, they didn't actually look any worse than the A4 ones either.
  13. Amchlolor

    Name the comedy character

    90's comedy show. Character was an Aussie wildlife expert, clearly based on Steve Irwin (even though Irwin wasn't well known over here, at that time). His shorts were always too small, which would result in one knacker falling out when he bent down. The camerman would then point it out etc.etc...
  14. Amchlolor

    Anyone used astroturf?

    Anyone on here astroturfed their garden? Saw it at a children's nursery we visited last week. Looked for all the world like neatly cut natural grass. They did it because their natural grass was ******. Pretty amazing stuff. Seriously thinking about it for at least one of the gardens. Life's too...
  15. Amchlolor

    Top Gear cool wall

    Any comments regarding Clarkson saying the RS4 has surpassed the M3 as the '**** driver's' weapon of choice? Or was he right when he said it about the M3, but is now automatically wrong when he says it about the RS4?:blush: It was actually really weird that they covered this, as I finally got...
  16. Amchlolor

    Poo proof Wax

    Collinite 915 (marque d'elegance) wax just isn't doing a good enough job of protecting my car's paint. Only takes a little exposure to bird poo to leave matt marks. Any recommend a wax with some proper poo-protection??
  17. Amchlolor

    No wonder it's still for sale...

    Thought I saw my A3 still for sale at the weekend, as I drove past. Is it any wonder? Look at what they're asking! That's waaaay OTT for an '05 sportback, isn't it???:tocktock:
  18. Amchlolor

    Car covers

    I'm sick to the back teeth of birds crapping on my car at work, so I'm thinking of buying one of these. Anyone any experience/comments about these sorts of covers?? I've checked the dims of my car, this cover looks like it'll be quite snug, which I would think is preferable to being too large...
  19. Amchlolor

    Matt patch on wing

    Bird **** damage led to me using a cutting polish on my wing (not T-cut). This got rid of the bird **** 'burn'. I then used a normal polish (Meguires crystal polish) and wax (collinite). I thought I'd got rid of it all, but I noticed today that there's now a large 'matt' patch instead. Persevere...
  20. Amchlolor

    A3 saloon

    Sitting in the dentist, reading June (?!?!?) 2008 issue of 'CAR'. Artists sketches of new A3, including one with a boot. Both were quite nice, certainly more boldly styled, although I'm sure I read both were projected for 2011. Audi state the A3 saloon is aimed at the North American market...