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  1. Jutchops

    my s3 project build

    It's not really restricting anything at stage 1, so wouldn't really expect you to see any difference. As soon as you up the pressure it starts to be an issue.. With regards to the comments about research, there's cats and cats. This particular one is poxy..sadly sometimes the inference of a...
  2. Jutchops

    my s3 project build

    The downpipe itself was fine though..
  3. Jutchops

    my s3 project build

    Hi Hydro, if your planning to use a high end hybrid than I would recommend ditching the sports cat. I had one of these and a hybrid and you could see how restrictive it was from the colour change in the exhaust. These flow like ****, much better once it was cut out, I've got it made into a swap...
  4. Jutchops

    Turbo/manifold bolts coming loose

    I don't think the vibrations have any tangible impact to them, it's the very extreme heat cycles that do it.
  5. Jutchops

    Turbo/manifold bolts coming loose

    Yes, until it cools down again...
  6. Jutchops

    Alternatives to ds2500

    I agree the yellows are ***** and fall apart with abuse, hate to think how bad they would be on track
  7. Jutchops

    Advice needed for tuning my S3 8L

    Sorry, couldn't resist
  8. Jutchops

    Advice needed for tuning my S3 8L

    The coating? :grinning:
  9. Jutchops

    whats the best turbo for achieving 400 bhp or should i just go hybrid

    :whistle2:This thread has amusing undertones, thinly veiled ones!
  10. Jutchops

    DIY custom bumper and splitter project

    Having a sheet of aluminium acting as blade is probably not a legal addition to your bumper. They're meant to be pedestrian friendly, not sure what the MOT check would cover on sharp edges, might get away with it..
  11. Jutchops

    Private plate

    I have S3 VWV on retention if anyone's looking!? Came on the car, but I took it off
  12. Jutchops

    goubo stroker gt35 build nears completion

    Looks awesome, hoping to get mine resprayed later this year, did you have a puff over or whole hog windows out and doors off job?
  13. Jutchops

    Possible xenon headlamp group buy??

    Interest here!
  14. Jutchops

    S3 8L - 3rd (centre) Rear Headrest

    What Gavin said, I took my middle one out
  15. Jutchops

    Its turning intoo a track car ....

    I feel your pain although there light at the end of my tunnel so to speak! Mine was taken apart from a perfect working state on sept 5th for X-Ray and fully forged rebuild, everything changed, balanced upgraded, many pound notes flew out the door over the following seven weeks, when finally...
  16. Jutchops

    Fitting front mount intercooler.

    I see you've joined the airtec kit to the standard intake pipe on the right hand side of the car, is this not restricting the flow?
  17. Jutchops

    Do I need better ARBs with my new suspension?

    Food for thought, makes me wonder if the benefits I've seen from a front arb are simply as a result of replacing a likely ten year old bar with aged bushes...not sure, it was recommended to me by a well known tuner and I've done it on my last two cars with positive results on both...
  18. Jutchops

    Do I need better ARBs with my new suspension?

    I always found the worst part about the handling way weight transfer and turn in, the lowering should change the standard behaviour though lowering the centre of gravity etc, but you may find that the turn in and body roll still causes over steer when you're pushing on, it's just not a...
  19. Jutchops

    Bad experience with VW Golf R32 roll bar info needed

    They know the parts are region specific, but these systems are typically automated. It probably just spat out a picking slip for someone to go get out of the parts bin for shipping. The reality is that this is a failing in their system and processes, I'd keep pushing for a refund on the basis...
  20. Jutchops

    Bad experience with VW Golf R32 roll bar info needed

    Google is your friend... WVWKG61J94D132431