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  1. RosMc

    Part required: Help needed for A4 2.0 Tdi.

    Well having spent £650 on my car in the last two days (front/rear brake pads/discs & two tyres) the last thing i need is to replace part of my exhaust. My car has been making a strange rasping sound when accelerating which the garage has established is exhaust fumes escaping from the 'Exhaust...
  2. RosMc

    Traffic Cops on BBC 1 4th Aug - black TT

    Because 14 days is feck all. He could just go off sick for a fortnight and it wouldnt effect him in the slightest.
  3. RosMc

    Britain is a riot (NSFW video inside)

    Click here
  4. RosMc

    Misuse of disabled parking spaces - - please read & support.

    Disabled spaces are courtesy only unless it specifically says otherwise (ie you will be fined etc). If thre is no signs, any ****** can park there - this applies to the ones in residential streets 99.9% of the time too.
  5. RosMc

    Anyone got a roof box?

    Thanks I got a Thule Atlantis 600 in gloss black in the end. Looks the part, is a decent size and also fits two cycle racks (just).
  6. RosMc

    Anyone got a roof box?

    Looking to buy a roof box for my car - got a A4 Avante. I currently have Thule Aero roof bars which i use with my two Thule 591 cycle racks. Looking to buy a roof box too, as when we go away with the dog in the boot, all our gear has to get crammed into the back seat. Im looking for...
  7. RosMc

    Mountain bikes

    Really? I havent opted into this scheme as my bike is worth significantly more than the £1000 deal so it doesnt really concern me anyway. I am however, led to believe that you still save a significant amount, whether you have to buy it at the end or not.
  8. RosMc

    Mountain bikes

    Yep, my work does this scheme. You can get a bike up to £1000 in value, and with tax savings you only pay about £700 in total which comes straight off your salary as part of the your deductions. Bargain.
  9. RosMc

    Mountain bikes

    A few pics of my Commencal Meta 5.5 UK - thats as clean as it gets (dont really see the point as it will be filthy again within days :lol: ). And my Spec Rockhopper which i use for taking the dog up the hills and generally pi$$ing about locally. Commencal reserved for the likes of the...
  10. RosMc

    The Pacific

    Band of Brothers is a must - one of my all time favourite tv progs - along with 24 and The Shield.
  11. RosMc

    bike carriers

    Whilst at the same time its funnily enough responding to the point of the thread. Unlike you ...............
  12. RosMc

    Show us your Mountain / Road Bike

    Now that winter has gone, its time to break out the bikes again. I'll start; My Commencal Meta 5.5 UK - this is as clean as it gets (dont really see the point as it will be filthy again in a day or two :icon_thumright: ). And my Spec Rockhopper which i use for taking the...
  13. RosMc

    I had a horrible knock at the door.....

    Make sure you contact the police - he has committed an offence by failing to stop and provide details (Sct 170 RTA '88). Assuming its registered, they should be able to track him down and/or go to the company and 'require' the owner to identify the driver at the time.
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    Cheers dudes :icon_thumright:
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    Thanks!! Yeah, hes great. Very good natured, a great laugh, and despite being a choc lab, he has a decent brain in him. :) He is approaching 5 and from working stock - both his parents are working gun dogs. Got him from these breeders (thats his dad in the pic) - Click here. His litter...
  16. RosMc

    The Pacific

    Not technically a movie as such, but showing on the movie channel, Cant wait; Trailer Another trailer
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    Superb Normandy Photos

    Click here :anbet:
  19. RosMc

    how much have you spent..

    Nothing. In fact, the only money ive spent on it to date is a remap and tints.
  20. RosMc

    bike carriers

    I use a Thule roof rack fairly regular with the 591 cycle carriers. Easy to assemble, easy to lift on and off (takes a couple of mins to get in correct position, tighten etc) and holds bikse in place well. Also lockable as we carry £5k worth of bikes at times - not that i would leave them on...