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  1. D6DPH

    Waste of a day off = roof down and relax

    Took today off work to have the windscreen replaced in the A4, Mrs D6 was off too but had appointments this morning so needed me to be off too in case they came early. Get a call mid morning saying they had to reschedule due to them not ordering the trims needed when they sorted the screen...
  2. D6DPH

    Colchester based B7's.

    I seem to be noticing loads of b7's in the north of Colchester lately. Counted 4 on the 1.5 mile trip between work-shop-home tonight. In the last week I've seen a black RS4 avant, 2 black s-line avant, a silver cabriolet, a black cabriolet and a blue saloon. All looked tidy loved examples.
  3. D6DPH

    Key pcb issue

    Evening, One of my keys has an issue with the microswitch on the pcb, Could I source a key from eBay or the likes and borrow on a permanent basis the pcb leaving the blade and immobiliser chip in the fob. Then I presume it would be a case of using vagcom to enable the car to see that pcb? I'm...
  4. D6DPH

    Glow in the dark knobs

    behave.... Not like that! Has anyone fitted an illuminated gearbox to their car? Trying to work out if it would look like an oe item or a less than tasteful aftermarket add on. The type I'm thinking of is the standard style ball one, not the angled flat top item.
  5. D6DPH

    North Essex members - potential cars and coffee meet in the summer

    Evening all, Having spotted a stunning B7 RS4 avant on my travels this evening, I wondered how many members are in the north Essex area? The dealership I work for arranges a cars and coffee meet every 3 months or so, we currently haven't got one planned as there are a lot of building works...
  6. D6DPH

    Cree led reverse light for B7 cabriolet.

    Hi, Could you let me know if you can supply a canbus Cree reverse bulb replacement for my B7 cab please. Many thanks, Dave
  7. D6DPH

    First time Audi owner from colchester

    Afternoon, After many years without a toy, time has come to buy something nicer for the summer months. Tonight I'm off to pick up a B7 cabriolet. It's a 2.0 tfsi S-line in Mauritius blue with a blue hood, 56k and seems to have been a loved example. I work in a main dealer parts dept (Not Audi...