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    No climate control or dash illumination?!

    Good afternoon, Whilst driving to work this morning I could no make the climate control turn on, all buttons were unresponsive. The only way to get any air out of it was to press the front windscreen demister button and then it felt like the air was still coming out of the dash vents. Also the...
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    Cruise control speed Q

    Good morning, just thought of a question to run by you lot, should cruise control when on keep the car at the same speed when travelling downhill? I think mine did previously but it has not the last few times and so I was wondering if all is ok.
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    Leaky tandem pump

    Hi there, so 8k after replacing my cylinder head it appears that re-using the gasket for the tandem pump is now failing. I initially thought it was the rocker cover gasket causing a leak of oil but after replacing that and still getting drips on the drive it must be this. I could smell the...
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    Driver's seat torn

    Good evening, my 146k mile driver's seat of my sport Avant has now torn at the edge / seam and the material generally on that section is looking quite thin. It's not leather, not sure how to describe the material really, and as for there, it's the seat base and the rear most centre square that...
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    EGR delete from Amazon

    Hey there After finally getting my car back on the road I decided to replace the weeping EGR valve unit with a delete kit. I believe Amazon sells the cheapest kit at £40 at the moment, the only setback is that the side port where a boost gauge pipe can be fitted is facing the cylinder head, to...
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    Kaput In Southern Germany

    Good afternoon, So last day of our two week honeymoon started well at 6am leaving Austria to drive north to the Dunkirk ferry crossing. First 150 miles down and we are cruise controlling the autobahn at 85mph when the engine starts to loose power, so I turn off cruise and drop it out of gear to...
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    Valeo single mass clutch kit fitted TDI 130

    Morning all With the help of some most excellent friends got the slipping clutch in the quattro fixed within three hours last night, including a ten minute break for supper! Speedy work! The only bit I ended up having to help with a bit was bleeding the pedal too, most relaxing. My dual mass...
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    Wiring in extra USB charging

    Good afternoon, can anyone recommend a good location on the fuseboard for adding in a USB charger? I've just ordered a dual ciggy one that does a total of 3.1 amps but want to have it sat under the arm-rest hardwired in rather than using up the lighter socket. Cheers
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    A4 B6 - removing air-con

    Hi there I've decided not to fix my air-con due to needing a new compressor and the car not being worth it, can I de-gas and remove it and the belt and pulley or do I need to run a shorter belt? I think it's ok because it only runs the air-con and nothing else but I want to be sure. The engine...
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    Exhaust back boxes on 1.9 tdi quattro

    Good afternoon Just wondering if there is a technical or given reason as to why my car's exhaust system splits from one pipe to two, and then to two separate back boxes? Is it to balance the car's weight, or to make the engine sound quieter, or both and some other reasons? Cheers
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    Front brake pads for 1.9 tdi

    Morning all, my front pads are low and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for slightly above oem replacements? It's a 1.9 tdi quattro, Pagid seems popular and good value, anything else to consider? Many thanks
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    Cruise and DIS retrofit coding

    Good evening I spent this evening carefully fitting a new steering wheel module, cruise stalk and wiper stalk with DIS buttons. I also added a grounding wire to the dashboard loom so as to cancel out the low washer bottle alarm. I have now run in to a bit of a hurdle as the sets of instructions...
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    Fuse for rear amplifier, non-Bose

    Hi there I offered to have a look at my work buddy’s A6 with a standard stereo in as the rear speakers and sub is not putting out any sound. The stereo looks to work ok as there is sound out of the front speakers so I took a multimeter to the red connector that goes in to the sub in the...
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    1.9 tdi sump replacement

    Afternoon Annoyingly I have cracked my sump when off-roading today, I've got the car towed home and will phone about for a price on a new sump, does anyone know if there are any complications under there to doing the job? A Haynes manual suggests that it's not just a sump off and on job.
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    1.9 tdi quattro sport tyres

    Good evening I need a set of four tyres for my car as the shop wouldn't perform the tracking until I get rid of my racing slicks! If I hunt around there are a few to choose from, any recommendations?
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    Wheel alignment / tracking

    Good afternoon I finally replaced the front perches on my car with B5 ones after a failed attempt due to not having an 18mm box wrench! I still managed to snap two 6mm allen keys too, most annoying but it's done! The car isn't pulling in either direction but because I have touched the geometry...
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    1.9 tdi coolant leak fixed!

    So after a long drive, starting the car up again showed the low coolant message on my dash. Couldn't see any pools of water, probably because the hot engine evaporated it all, so I topped up and ran the car. Initially it looked like it was coming from above the coolant temperature sensor...
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    1.9 tdi boost seals

    Hi there Just replaced the two green boost seals that go on the rubber pipes that connect in to the hard black plastic pipe on the intake system, and it seems to have cured my slight surging issue! My car has 140k miles on and was weeping a bit of oil from these joins so I worked out that it's...
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    Condenser replacement

    Hi there Just thought I would get some prices together for several bits from TPS, for several of the other bits I tried it turns out to be exactly the same as the main dealer prices, strange as I read they are often cheaper. Anyhows, last year I snapped the threaded bit that connects the high...
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    Gearbox & Diff oil replaced

    Morning all Seeing as it was the lady's birthday yesterday I took the day off and replaced some old old fluids in my car. The car is a 1.9 tdi quattro with 140k miles, although the gearbox and diff are supposedly sealed for life I am likely to run the car for longer than Audi expects (over 100k...