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  1. stetheo

    A3 Clubsport Quattro

    Saw this article this morning - Audizine: News: Audi at Wörthersee Tour 2014 Featuring a 2.5 cyl pushing 525hp, maybe there is hope yet for the new RS3 featuring the 2.5pot.
  2. stetheo

    My S3 Thread and how I got there

    Hello All, Been on this forum for sometime but have never done a 'build thread', but now I finally have my S3 and have done a few subtle changes since owning the car I thought why not share. My first A3 was an 8L: Loved this car, but it felt a little bit old so after 8 months of ownership I...
  3. stetheo

    RNS-E question

    Hi all, I just realised today that some of my music was missing off my two SD cards in the RNS, so I clicked the button to move the screen and it subsequently tells you how much music you have on each card. Mine is saying each card only has 380mb on. I have just checked on my computer and there...
  4. stetheo

    Unicorn Motor Developments Remap

    I recently sold in my remapped 170 TDI A3 and bought a completely stock S3. After about a week of owning it I was missing that lower end torque my 170 had so I decided it needed a stage 1 remap. I knew there was only one place I was going to take it having been to Rick before. So I contacted...
  5. stetheo

    Error Code: Intake Manifold Runner Control: Deviation

    Hi All, I am not sure if anyone would be able to help but I recently purchased my second A3 and decided to go from a 1.9TDI to an 07 plate A3 2.0TDI 170 S Line. However I have only had the car 5 weeks and since a week after picking it up I have had a flashing glow plug light. After two weeks...
  6. stetheo

    Hello All

    Well I am new to here but I am on my second A3. Started with an 8L 1.9 TDI 100 which was remapped to 130. A couple of weeks i had to part with it (which was saddening as it was an excellent car) which I then traded in for an 8P2 A3 S Line 170 quattro. Which apart from the lag, I was enjoying as...