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    S3 8v Tracking and alignment setup for fastroad

    I'm needing to get my tracking and alignment adjusted, has anyone went away for the standard setup, or recommend one? I think I recall someone saying they went for the Golf R's setup? Is this worth while? Thanks.
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    Stronic Box Noisy

    Hi just a quick one, I've noticed that the stronic box is quite noisy when it's in first gear travelling along on a slow road. Almost sounds like a straight cut box. Doesn't seem to make any other noises in other gears that I've noticed. New to this gear box and with the car being a 2014 6 speed...
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    Hi I'm looking for an intercooler, been looking at the wagner competition one. Has any one had any experience with this one, I see this one does require some cutting to fit being the largest one on the market. I realise bigger isn't always better, but the tuner I plan to use recommends this one...
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    RS 8V Grill Fitting/ Sensors

    Hi, I bought a RS grill, anything I need to know prior to fitting it? Anything to remove to ease fitment? I have had a look at the thread on here for fitting it before anyone links that one. I also have another question i have front parking sensors on mine but I have the chrome grill at the...
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    New To The Audi S3 8V

    Hi I'm new to the audi s3, pick her up a week saturday moving from a M135i. Im looking at getting a set of Bilsteins B14 coilovers put on, where is best to get these from online? I see there have been a few threads on them in the past only good reviews, and then getting the geo done to a golf r...