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    Audi b9 12v socket fuse location

    I hope you are all well Please can someone tell me which is the fuse for the front 12v power socket. I am planning to hardwire a dashcam in. I want to use one that only comes on when the ignition comes on. Hopefully this wont drain my battery Many thanks for your help
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    B9 condensation on inside of headlights

    Hi all I have suddenly started getting condensation on the inside of my headlights. Any ideas how to get rid of it please
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    A4 b9 1.4tfsi timing belt

    Hi Sorry if this has been asked before. Does the a4 b9 1.4tfsi have a timing chain? A timing belt? Please can you advise which one and how often it needs changing? Thanks alot
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    2016 b9 Google maps

    Hi On a bog standard b9 2016 with the standard 7" mmi display. Is there a way to get google maps? Or do you have to use the Audi one?
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    Advise on purchasing a second hand b9

    Hi I hope you are all safe and well. I am after some advise please I have the chance to purchase an a4 b9 on a 2016 plate. It has the 1.4tfsi engine in it at 40000 miles. Advise needed please 1. What are these engines like? Any known problems? Common faults etc. I have always owned the tdi...
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    B9 sports trim 2015 interior lighting?

    Hi all I am looking to purchase a 2015 a4 b9 with the the sports trim. I believe 2015 was the first iteration of the b9 Does the 2015 sports trim come with the led strip lighting on the door cards, below the gearbox, on the floor and on the door handle? As standard Or was it an optional...
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    Help with my a4 b8 problems please

    I purchased a b8 2.0 tdi manual from what I thought was a reputable dealer. I have had the car a few months and I am slowly starting to notice certain things that don't seem right. I would be so grateful if anyone could tell me what my problems are The car is 1 owner from new with 62k miles...