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    Opensky problem, auto opens how to turn off?

    i have my set to open roof via vagcom. anyone else have info on how ot get rid of this problem?
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    Opensky problem, auto opens how to turn off?

    My car currently opens the opensky automatically when I start my car when the temperature is over or around ~27C. I am not sure if I did it in vagcom or not because I went thru all the menus for it and cannot find any option to diable it. I ilke to add that the opensky opens if i use my key...
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    Got my OEM style parking sensors installed.

    are these just new sensors that you got? or did you have to get new control unit also? any upclose pics?
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    09 White Cluster/DIS fitted to 04 8P

    Is it possible to do a swap of the dial and dis from 2009+ to 2006 unit? Someone on vwvortex did a swap of 2009 standard dial and dis to the s3 dial and dis. I know its 2009 to 2009+ unit but would it have the same connections as a 2006?
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    Auto lights/wipers/dimming rear view mirror & CH/LH install complete!

    do the rain sensor use IR light for sensing?
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    R8 style DRL's for S3....possible?

    he bought the ebay lights then ported the DRL LEDS over to it. yeaaaaaaaaaa
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    Fitting 2011 LED DRL Headlights to a 2007 S3

    N8 I have bixenons on pre facelift, now if i install facelift with led drl do i need to change anything? I know the new style have ballast for the LEDs. is it plug and play? for facelift front end conversion
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    best way to adjust exhaust tip after install S3 valance

    I looked at the car again and i think i might just have the shop cut and reweld new tips on
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    best way to adjust exhaust tip after install S3 valance

    What is the best way to make the stock A3 exhaust tip sit closer towards the middle of the valance cut out? The exhaust sits too far to the right side. any tips on moving it over a bit more?
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    Facelift Dumbo Mirrors Fitted - Guide

    Is possible to get the mirrors with folding if car has no folding option. But add the relay to fold them when car is locked without getting new door modules?
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    GROUPBUY: - Canbus LED bulbs to replace halogen DRL bulbs

    and1, I have a few leds that are out. what is warranty on these?? and some are flickering now
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    Piano Black B Pillar covers - cheap way to get 2011 b pillar look vinyl wrap
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    n8 car looks like a sex machine
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    Leather door handles for sportback

    I remember seeing some S3 with leather door handles. are these available in just all black leather? Anyone have part #?
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    Trying to transplant B8 A4 headlights into A3 headlight housing

    oh snap! - New Led A4 B8 Headlights on A3
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    Trying to transplant B8 A4 headlights into A3 headlight housing

    Seems like the hlogens are a bit shorter too so I cannot fit the bulb housing inside. If anyone have extra right one they can sell me cheap I would buy. But I am in US. here is progress soo far
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    2012 driver side outer door handle fit 2006?

    I see that the new door handle for the driver side comes with built in key hole. Will this fit on the older 2006 car? Key hole can be swapped over direct?
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    Fake audi S3 sportback skirts

    no because the rubber weather strip is shorter on the s3 blades i think lol