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    V6 TDI - Injector Removal Tool & Drain Filter Help !

    I was looking at taking my injectors for a vapor test, I'm getting some smoke, anyway the only tool you see advertised is a 27mm socket, but i cant see the base of them or even remove the black rubber seal. The injector also has a 15mm flat is that the way to remove them ? I was also looking...
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    Help! Rear Oil Seal Replacement B5 Quattro Nearside

    I've an oil leak on the passenger side rear driveshaft where it connects to the rear Diff. Anway I've removed the six allen key bolts and now stuck - can't prise driveshaft of to get to oil seal.... do I really need to remove exhaust, driveshaft etc ? I was hoping to prise it sideways to get...
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    Help - having probs replacing rear broken spring V6 Quattro B5

    Audi free dealer MOT noted a broken rear spring.... I laughed at the price... I'll do it myself... however after removing the bottom 19mm nut on the shock absorber I'm stuck, even with my coil compressors on I can't see a way of slippping broken spring of shock, is it normal to remove the shock...
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    A4 Avant broekn rear springs - hard to find quattro parts ?

    I noticed a half turn of my rear spring had snapped of my A4 2000 2.5 TDI Quattro AVANT, I'm finding it hard to locate the quattro rear springs - any thought - might even take a breakers one. I don't feel like lowering the car just a standard spring should do, any adviced and can you use...
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    2.5 TDI Quattro Avant W or V rated Tyres - I have both!

    I've noticed my 2001 2.5 TDI Quattro 150bhp has two V rated tyres and two W rated tyres!! I know for insurance you should have the correct rating I can't seem to see this in the Manual - Any thoughts as I've my eyes on some V rated but would pay extra for Ws if necessary. Much Appreciated
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    Very Slow pickup TDi Tip Quat - Gbox or Turbo ?

    My B5 V6 TDi Quatto is dangerously slow at roundabouts.... you see a gap put the foot down but wait a few seconds for the power to kick in. I've been blaming the gearbox thinking this is just the way autos are, but thinking about it there a no revs occuring so it's more likely turbo lag ...
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    Black Smoke Cloud at take of from lights V6 TDI

    Hi, Whenever I try and get of in a hurry at the lights I leave an embarrisingly large black cloud behind me ! Otherwise car seems fine - it passed the MOT emissions OK last month and the MPG is acceptable - but not that good anyway on the V6. My thoughts are Piston Wear or Injectors needing new...
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    V6 Drain Diesel Fuel Filter - Help

    Every year its a good idea to drain the diesel fuel filter incase water has got in. Usually you undo a thread at the bottom of the filter. Is this the case with the V6 TDI - it's just very hard to get to the bottom or do you drain it by sucking out from the 8mm nut that is the air lock...
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    A2 SE Ride Very Hard any solution please

    The wife has an A2, lovely car but very hard ride. Potholes seem unreal ! Has anyone done anything to soften things up a bit ? The Tyres are an unusual size ie 185/50/16 profile, has anyone changed them to say a 60 or 65 profile tyre there seems space around the wheel arches, would I need to...
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    ATF Leak propshaft 5SP quattro / any ATF topup tips !

    I've noticed the red ATF dripping from the very rear of the auto gearbox as it heads to the rear wheels / propshaft. I'm going on an Autobahn trip Friday so going to top it up by using a 17 mm allen key and a clean hose with the ATF bottle on roof (proper Audi Fully Synth ATF). I've heard...
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    2.5 TDI Quat won't start - electric pump in fuel tank help !

    2.5 TDI Quattro was running perfect.... all i did was change the fuel filter... now the car won't start. I've gone through two batteries cranking it over upon investigarion I see the electric pump in the tank is suspect. Wiring it up to 12v it makes a humming noise, but with the large output...
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    2.5 TDI pushes 232g CO2 correct or DVLA problem

    Hi, I have a 2001 2.5 TDI quattro it a late B5 July 2001 (I thought it was a B6 as it has perspex lights etc but not so!), with all the empasis on CO2 nowaday I'm surpised to see the DVLA log book showing 232g ie above the 225g top end. As the B6 180 & 150 models seem to stay under 225 is that...
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    Auto Gearbox oil change at 70K ? / DIY methods

    My 2001 2.5 TDI 180 quattro is on 70K and time for an ATF change, Stealer wants £170 which seems a lot ? Done some research, how to do it myself there is 9L of fluid yet undoing gearbox will only give 4 Litres - rest in torque convertor ? how to get it all out ! Also ATF fluid is £7.50 for 1L...