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  1. slayaz

    S3 Finally got detailed!

    The main reason was he held his hands up and said he didn't have the right stuff and didn't want to use wire wool in case of scratching. Time was also running out as I'm round in Surrey and the M25 was getting snarly. I actually said not to worry too much. A great job. Although now some dirty...
  2. slayaz

    S3 Finally got detailed!

    I hope you get it sorted!
  3. slayaz

    To Remap or not to Remap

    May i ask why?
  4. slayaz

    S3 Finally got detailed!

    He did it at mates rates, and he's not been going long and is looking for portfolio pieces. In regards to the pain, yes he corrected it, but it wasn't that bad. My local hand car wash actually use the two bucket technique WITH grit guards so it was in very good condition. I've actually just...
  5. slayaz

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    WOW! :hubbahubba:
  6. slayaz

    S3 - Drive mode start in Dynamic / S

    That's a pretty good idea!
  7. slayaz

    S3 - Drive mode start in Dynamic / S

    As simple as that! Thanks, i thought there had to be a better way.
  8. slayaz

    Show us Daytona's

    mmmmmmmmm beading
  9. slayaz

    S3 - Drive mode start in Dynamic / S

    The title may not be clear but this is what i have noticed. If the car is is auto or comfort or economy and I cycle through the drive select to dynamic (or individual if you have engine noise set up as loud), the the engine note changes, the idle increases and it hold the revs for longer. It...
  10. slayaz

    S3 Finally got detailed!

    And before anyone points it out, the tips hadn't been cleaned!! It's not cheap, but he spent a whole day (8am - 4.00pm) doing it he also sealed all the glass and used CQuartz. Total was £175.
  11. slayaz

    S3 Finally got detailed!

    So I have finally got round to getting my S3 detailed. I am incredibly happy with the results. It was done by a lovely guy called Lee from based in Kent. The paint looks better than when it was new!
  12. slayaz

    Latest Audi **** up...

    SO I've been quiet on here of late, basically because all the shine was taken off of my new S3 because it was delivered WRONG and I was waiting for the solution. Mine was at least the right model colour with all the correct extras, but it turned up with silver headlining and the "Wing design...
  13. slayaz

    Ideal spacer size for an S3 saloon?

    I've got 20 / 15 here that I'll put on the saloon at the weekend with any luck. I'll show you some pics when done.
  14. slayaz

    S3 and tunnels

    Mine turns up tomorrow at work, and there is a HUUUGE tunnel here. Guess what the first thing is I'm doing?
  15. slayaz

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    I have just had the call, my car is being delivered to work next Thursday! :yahoo::yahoo: Insurance is sorted and cheaper than I expected... I am sooooooo happy!
  16. slayaz

    aftermarket alarms fitted to a s3??

    What's the outcome re blackjax? Did you find anything out?
  17. slayaz


    It is such a shame that Ford patented the headed front screen (don't quote me on that) the electric heated windscreen on my ST was amazing.
  18. slayaz

    Any sportback owners with a baby?

    Reading this, I am so glad my two are now 11 and 14! I would be more worried about the smell, the spilt milk, ground in food and projectile vomiting. All of which will happen at some point. Good luck! Oh and i used to put a large towel on the back seat under the car seats. Easy to remove...
  19. slayaz

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    The BSP was the first thing I specced. I seem to have an aversion to chrome. I spent 6 months de-chroming my current BMW. The BSP looks amazing on white or silver as well.
  20. slayaz

    Collection dilemma... do I, don't I..!

    Wow, I can't believe you have that much self restraint! Respect is due. I'm impressed, I would have been down there straightaway and worried about the old car later. On second thoughts, don't listen to me