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  1. pod_4

    Ultimate Dubs

    Hey folks UD is this weekend. Anyone from Scotland heading down?
  2. pod_4

    S3 sideskirts

    Looking for a bit of help. Going to order s3 side skirts for my my11 a3 but just want to check that i have all the parts required. Ive tried a quick search but couldn't get a definitive list of parts. 8P3 853,859 GRU >> side skirt 8P3 853,860 GRU >> side skirt 8P3 853,959 G GRU >> cover...
  3. pod_4

    2013 shows

    Just wondering if anyone from up here is heading down to any of the shows down south like early edition or ultimate dubs?
  4. pod_4

    Black plastics/rubber seals

    Hi guys Looking for some advice on a good product to use on black plastic and window rubbers that wont smudge or drip when it comes into contact with water. I was using CG New Look trim gel but after it rained it was all down the windows and only used a minimal amount and dried overnight before...
  5. pod_4

    2011 2.0tdi 170 Exhaust

    Hu guys Been looking for an aftermarket exhaust for the above car (milltek etc) but can only seem to find ones for the 140bhp model. Any ideas if anyone does an exhaust for this yet? Scott
  6. pod_4

    Fuelsave (regular) diesel vs v-power diesel

    Quick question, What are people using regular diesel or v-power and have you noticed any differences in using v-power? Was planning on using v-power but dunno if its worth the extra money.
  7. pod_4

    Its here!!!!

    After owning vauxhalls for the last 7 years ive finally seen the light and got myself an audi. After a 2 week wait finally got it. (apologies for the poor pics from my blackberry) Its a MY11 2.0TDI 170 S-Line Black Edition Already deleted the A3 and TDI badges and had the front windows...
  8. pod_4

    Few questions

    Does anyone know the part numbers for the ashtray cover and gear surround for a 2011 black edition? Also looking for the best place to get s3 mirrors and pedals. Any suggestions? Scott
  9. pod_4

    New A3 owner

    Hi folks Newbie from Scotland. Just bought a A3 2.0tdi 170 S-Line Black Edition in white. Lookin forward to getting it was awesome to drive. Will get pics up as soon as I get it. Have kinda told myself im not going to modify this one in any way but wonder how long that'll last. Few days maybe...