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  1. vinnynall

    Window malfunction S5 SB

    I've started to develop a window fault. Windows occasionally not dropping when the door is open and then struggling to close unless I start the car and lower the window myself. Also had the car washed the other day and water starting coming in where the window sits in the middle door pillar...
  2. vinnynall

    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    Really want to do this but can't find the connectors when i'm under the car :help: Love starting the car, but hate it when the valves close up 10 seconds in.
  3. vinnynall

    Which Fuel?

    Tesco momentum 99 on my S5
  4. vinnynall

    Idiots guide to music?

    When you select carplay, it will play music via the lead as you're connected or you play via bluetooth however not sure if you get album art. MMI app just takes you back to the main MMI screen. Believe wireless carplay is due out soon. Spotify looks much better on android auto tbh as you see...
  5. vinnynall

    Finally here!

    Nice! Enjoy the car!
  6. vinnynall

    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    Guys, what are you using to clear exhaust soot? Got my car cleaned the other day but they struggled to clean the exhaust properly.
  7. vinnynall

    MPG just going up and up

    Smiles per gallon!
  8. vinnynall

    MPG just going up and up

    Best I've got on the S5 is 33mpg on a 60 mile journey. Most of the time I'm averaging 20 - 25mpg.
  9. vinnynall

    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    Think i've located them. Are they in completely different places on each exhaust? my driver side is on the exhaust and the passenger side is on the bumper.... Also are the cables protected in a black spring casing? Just want to make sure i'm pulling on the right cable!
  10. vinnynall

    How much is everyone paying for insurance on the Audi S5 /A5?

    £620 S5 SB with direct line. 10 years no claims, 30 years old and added the wife who has points!
  11. vinnynall

    What does this button do?

    Ha sorry, thought I replied back! Thank you sparky86!
  12. vinnynall

    Does your windows do this?

    Hmmm, mine doesn't do that. Only drops when I pull the door handle and that's only a couple of cm.
  13. vinnynall

    What does this button do?

    Hi guys, what does the button with an open door do on the headliner?
  14. vinnynall

    New S5 arrived...WHAT a car!

    Very nice! Enjoy!!
  15. vinnynall

    New to Audi - Recently got S5

    Looks very nice! No that limiter applies to all S5s. Very annoying! Dynamic and Sport will do for the interim...
  16. vinnynall

    New S5 owner

    Hi guys, Anyone know how to get car finder working on the connect mmi app? Hasn't worked for a couple of days and getting position not found/car moving message? Everything else in the app is working.
  17. vinnynall

    How long?

    Ordered my S5 Sportback 31st July and picked it up 1st Sept. Not sure how I got it that quick. Must have been ordered by the dealership in advance and my order matched up with one. Got my email 10 days after order.
  18. vinnynall

    Google Earth Satellite View

    Yes I did it all with the ignition on. Then turned off engine, locked and left the car for about an hour. Came back and noticed Audi Connect has more options ( weather, fuel prices etc...) and was able to launch google earth view.
  19. vinnynall

    Google Earth Satellite View

    Can confirm Swelli's guide works!
  20. vinnynall

    New S5 owner

    Picked up the S5 today. Wow. Love it! Still need to play around with the MMI and settings. Even got a couple of presents from the dealer!