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    private sale - car responsibility once driven off?

    Can anyone clarify.. I will be selling my car on saturday. I will be filling in a giving the buyer the relevant sections from my registration document... And then sending it off recorded post to the DVLA.. The buyer will be drivng the car away whilst the document is in the post. am I...
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    Insurance for Test Drive

    Hi I am possibly in a position to sell my car. Can anyone tell me as the seller does my insurance need to have a specific clause in it to allow "any driver".. I currently have only named drivers.. I rang admiral who were no help and said they dont cover for test drives ?? I then hear from...
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    Service cheating

    I had a major service for £1500 on my Audi a couple of months ago.. New roll bars New rear shock New Water Pump New cambelt AVS service etc... When I got it back it said Next service in 17,000 miles... I thought great.. done for a while... Now last week it dropped to 5900 miles and today...
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    Alarm battery A3Q

    Hi Guys Before starting the car I have been met by a beeping noise from the back of the cabin.. Looking through the forums suggested the battery for the alarm was on the way out... Audi Hatfield quoted me £198 to get it replaced.. However It has since stopped.. Is this a sign that the...
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    underside cleanup on A3 Quattro

    Have any of you taken a close look underneath your car... I did the other day ... I know its 7 years old but my 2001 a3 has got a fair bit of flaking and rust on the metal struts on the underside of the car... I had a service recently and a few bits were replaced... The rest is superficial...
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    Stainless Exhaust 1.8T QUATTRO

    Hi Guys Im in the market for a nice stainless exhaust for my 2001 A3.. I have asked one company who supply Magnex, and apperently they only have systems designed for the S3 or the 1.8T(not quattro).. The guy at this place said that he spoke to magnex and I could still have a system...
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    50,000 miles

    Hi guys My a3 1.8T quattro has just hit 50,000 miles and Its coming up for a service (according to the onboard computer) Can you tell me what SHOULD be done as a matter of course when I take it to an Audi dealer, and if I should make sure is done... Its a 2001 model... Thanks Tim
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    Tunebase in lighter socket

    I just bought one of these and am happy... I have noticed that even when the ipod is removed and the ignition out, the green light on the end of the tunebase is still lit green... Is there any danger of this draining my battery. I would prefer to leave it in all the time rather than take it...
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    boot and glove box lights

    I have just discovered that I have lights in these locations, but they have never worked.. I have located the fuse box on the drivers side panel.. Anyone know which fuse or fuses it is likely to be that needs replacing ? I dont think its the bulbs... Thanks and regards Tim
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    super unleaded in 2001 1.8T

    Hi The petrol tank in my car shows only 95 ron inside... Am I still able to use the super unleaded in my tank ?? Its not clear in the manual either Thanks and regards Tim
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    brake Discs and calipers upgrade

    Hi My discs on my a3 1.8T quattro look a bit old and rusted... Are brake discs all much the same ?? id like to replace all four on my car as well as the calipers... Can you suggest if i need a certain make/size disc for my car and what would be a good choice for calipers.... I heard...
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    reprogram ecu on my 1.8T Quattro

    Hi Guys, I have recently been told that getting the engine in my car remapped can return me better MPG... Has someone had this done who can verify this ? I thought it would have the opposite effect on fuel consumption.. My car has as stock, 180bhp.. What would be a quality remap, and could...
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    Miltek for 2001 A3 1.8T Quattro

    I was looking at getting a new exhaust system for my car... Milteks website only list a product for the 1.8T 2WD car... Is this going to fir my car or will I need to look at another manufacturer ? Regards Tim
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    symphony unit built in changer ?

    Hi there My A3 Quattro has a Symphony tape/front cd loader... Am I right in thinking that although there isnt an external cd changer that some units have a changer built into the front panel ??? Its a Symphony I unit on a 2001 model.... Dont want to try putting more than one in until I...
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    Foot well - plastsic foot rest

    Hi Does anyone know the description or part number for the blue plastic foot rest to the left of the clutch in the footwell... Mine looks tired and I would like to get it replaced... Its blue plastic to match the rest of the interior on my 2001 a3 1.8T quattro.. Thanks and regards Tim
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    Replacement Cloth upholstery

    Any idea how much it would cost to get my front two seats on my 1.8T replaced. They are looking a bit aged... Regards Tim
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    Red T Turbos

    I have been told by someone that the Red T on some A3s particularly the A3 180 Quattro that the red colour denotes the use of a Ko3s Turbo as apposed to the K03... Is there any truth to this ? Regards Tim
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    underside wash

    can someone suggest a place where i can get a pro wash on the underneath of my 01 1.8t quattro ? I had a quick look the other day and its pretty dirty underthere with some bits or rush flaking off.... still it is a 6 year old car.... I dont want to use a car wash .... Regards Tim
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    panasonic 26 tft and dvd upscaler

    Hi I have just got a new 26inch panasonic LCD TV which is great... I recently bought a new panasonic dvd player which claims to upscale dvd to 1080p.. How do I enable this upscaling.. I am plugged into HDMI socket 1, the dvd is set to interlace at the moment in the setup and is on 576i...
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    Hi is a bonnet respray seen as the only and best option to remove motorway stone chips ? touch up paint never looks good in my opinion if you want a smooth finish... most of them are at the front of the bonnet but there are a few further up about mid-way... its pearecent paint aswell which...