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  1. springie

    SIM Card for Audi Connect

    Hi, I went into Three to get a cheap SIM to put in the car, but the salesperson said I may need a data only SIM, which I think is incorrect. But I wanted to check before going ahead. Can anyone confirm if I can just get a standard SIM and put it in? and if so can I still bluetooth to my...
  2. springie

    Wheel Spacer Recommendation

    I am thinking about getting some wheel spacers for my C7.5. I have the 20" Black Edition 5-twin spoke wheels. Has anyone added spacers to this setup? If so, what size spacers and bolts do you recommend?
  3. springie

    Rear Cupholder Retrofit

    Has anyone done a retro fit of the cup holders in the rear arm rest? I read they only come with the convenience pack on the face lift model. A google search produced the part numbers: 8P0885995B 6PS - Drinks Holder 4G8863289A 4PK - Cover Panel Can anyone confirm this? or know a price? Cheers
  4. springie

    Steering Wheel Customisable Star Button

    Hi, I changed from a 2014 B8.5 A4 Avant 2.0 TDI just before Christmas to a 2016 C7 A4 Avant 3.0 TDI BE. On handover the salesperson assigned the * button to toggle the media type. I have read on other threads that people have assigned the * button to drive select, however when I go into the *...
  5. springie

    Raywell Badges

    Hi, I wanted to know if any members had trouble applying their raywell rear audi rings badge? I reason I ask it that I applied mine to my B8.5 Avant and due to the vertical curve where the badge sits, it has only adhered to the top half and has a gap (and won't stay stuck down) on the bottom...