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    My new Alpine install

    My new Alpine install Alpine CDA-9855R Alpine SWX-1242D Alpine SPX-177R - 2 Sets Alpine MRD-M1005 Alpine MRV-F545
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    Replaced the Concert II H/unit with Alpine and problem.......

    Replaced the Concert II H/unit with Alpine and now the rear speakers wont work? Any ideas? Non-bose System too..
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    Test fitted 19's in dark

    no coilovers, but 19's test fitted in the dark, looks better in person
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    my 2.0TDI S-line

    didnt get proper pics up so here goes. 2006 Audi A4 S-line 2.0TDI (140) 18" RS6 rims wih 235/40 R18 Dunlop sportmax tyes Centre arm rest Rear parking sensors Sport seats with Black and Grey Valcona Leather Concert Sound system Rear 30% Window Tint and to go in / on FK Coilovers 19''...
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    my new 2.0TDI s-line is here

    ill post better pics soon.
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    s-line interior seat question

    i ordered a 2.0 TDI S-line with Leather seats as an extra, do the seats come with the s-line logo stamped in them?
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    Buying a A4 2.0TDI, go for the S-Line?

    goin for s-line. gonna get leather on it too. any advise on other spec / comments?
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    contract hire question

    hi, im thinking of contract hiring a new A4 tdi 2.0 s-line. first question is, can i put my own wheels on the car when i get it, provided i take them off then i return the car after the 3 years. second question is, im running a B5 Chassis A4 TDI which i love, is the TDI s-line a good buy...
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    HELP!!tdi A4, throttle not working,

    throttle is doing nothing, and after ticking over the heater light flashes and the throttle tickover goes from 800rpm to 1200rpm, for no reason? any idea? faulty throttle pedal maybe?
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    wipers are getting slow, and have now stopped !!???

    any ideas why my wipers got really show and have now stopped all together!??
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    flat spot-tdi

    put a new MAF sensor in, and have noticed a flat spot between 1000 and 2200 rpm, then all of a sudden there is lots of boost. i run a tuning box in my 90 tdi, my mate runs the exact same and he doesnt have this, we recon it could be something to do with turbo / boost control
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    mass air flow meter for TDI

    need one for my 1.9tdi 90. where is the best place to get one
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    new wiper arms and blades?

    does anyone no can you fit the "new type" wiper arms and blade to the facelift A4, i mean the wipers that are fitted on the new passats etc, its like a flexable bit of ribber instead of a metal backed blade
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    vibration noise when reversing

    usually loudest when reversing at low speeds(just letting clutch out)???
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    what does every one buy there audi parts??

    im lookin for various items, all genuine stuff if possible. eg. foot well carpet mats
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    cold air comin from under the rear seats?

    anyone ever notice this, comin from round the seat belt holders