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    Facelift USB-C on smartphone interface?

    In preparation for my S3 saloon hopefully arriving in a few week, I have been trying to find out if the USB cable for the smartphone interface/Android Auto is standard USB or the new USB C interface? Could someone confirm? My phone uses USB C so I will need to buy an adapter if that format isn't...
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    Facelift Tints on a lease car?

    I'm expecting delivery of my S3 saloon early next month. I didn't spec privacy glass as it's too dark for me but would quite like a 50% tint for the rear windows. When the dealer calls me to arrange delivery, would they be willing to tint the windows (obviously at my expense) or is privacy glass...
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    Facelift Virtual cockpit options

    I'm currently finalising the options for my new S3 saloon order (apologies for spamming this board for the past few days :smirk:). I would quite like the virtual cockpit. The dealer I spoke with last week advised it's only available as part of the £1395 tech pack but on the Audi UK site it also...
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    Facelift Android auto

    I'm new to Audi and am about to order an S3 saloon. Is android auto available on the standard ICE? I can't see it as an option on the audi configuration site
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    New 7 speed s-tronic box and launch control

    Hi guys, I'm currently deciding between the M240i and new S3 saloon. I just want to confirm that the new 7 speed s-tronic box has launch control? Also what's the 0-60 times with and without launch control. Thanks