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    number plate light bulbs housing problems

    Just want to find out if anyone has replaced the housing of the number plate light bulbs inside the boot lid, both of mine are not working at all, audi quoted me £79 for the part, can i get it cheaper anywhere else? how hard is it to fit? I had a look inside the boot lid but it seems like there...
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    will rs3 2016 leather seats fit a 2009 8p a3 e se model?

    Will these seats from a sportback 2016 rs3 fit a 2009 8p sportback a3? My a3 is an 'e SE' model, so it comes with bog standard seats, no heating function and no electric at all in the seats, so i know wiring will be needed, but as far as the fitting goes, will they fit in the standard rails of...
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    rims pcd advice

    im currently looking for some rims for my wifes car, found some decent ones, what exactly does the following pcd mean? 9hole/100 the pcd of her car is 4x100 will 9hole/100 fit? thanks
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    Anyone got these rs6 alloys on an a3 ?

    anyone put these on an a3 or have any pictures of them on an a3? i really like the look of them want to know how they will look though. Thanks
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    anyone do cruise control installs?

    I'm looking for someone who can supply and fit cruise control in my audi a3 sportback 2009. Preferably in the bolton/manchester area, as i'm from bolton. I'm also looking for automatic folding mirrors if they can be done at a decent price. thanks
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    tyre suggestions

    I'm looking to purchase these alloys: They are: 18" 8J ET42 PCD 5X112 I'm a newbie when it comes to tyres, I'm looking to...
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    need help with wiring diagram

    Having some problems with my audio system, its the double din chorus, the old owner also had parrot installed so the wiring is completely messed up, the front speakers dont seem to be working, only 1 front tweeter is working, when i open it up and squeeze and play with some wires all the...
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    Speaker/sub/amp problems

    So i just bought an A3, a 1,9tdi 2009 sportback to be exact. The car was terrific in terms of exterior and the drive was superb, very smooth, so i decided to get it, coincidentally when asking the old owner to give us an old cd so we are not bored all the way home he says he doesn't listen to...