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    Front screen misting up..

    Noticed something with my new A4, the front screen (and part of the front windows) keep misting up unless the A/C is on or in Eco mode. Trouble is when the A/C is running the car is too cold, wife keeps complaining of a cold draft. Anyone else get this? Never had this issue on any previous car..
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    Any Audi dealers supply parts here?

    Do any Audi main dealers come on here and sell discounted parts ? There was one in the BMW forum I used to go on so thought there might be one here..
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    A4 B9 Order Thread

    Hi all, thought I'd start a thread to discuss orders for those that are waiting for their new cars to arrive as I didn't see one already.. I'm waiting on my A4 Avant 1.4T Sport.. Got an estimated build starting week of 14th March. Going to be checking the build tracker quite often I think...
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    Buying a B6 cabriolet

    I'm looking to sell my B6 Avant TDI and get a B6 cab 1.8T could anyone give me a few pointers on what to look out for on the cabriolets? What's the cambelt interval for the 1.8T engine? Any help much appreciated :-)
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    Swapping my Avant TDI for Cabrio

    I'm not sure if it's ok to post this here but I'm looking to swap my Avant Sport TDI for an A4 Cabrio, mine is listed in the classifieds section if anybody is interested please either PM me or use the email. Any A4 Cabrio considered but must be manual and I can add a little cash if needed. If...
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    1.9 TDI Oil & Filter Change

    Firstly, apologies for asking a simple question that must have popped up a load of times but I'm going to change my oil & filter and wanted to know which oil I should buy as the specs seem to keep changing. My car has been serviced every 10k miles but I'm going to do oil every 5k from now on as...
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    Metal clip holding boost pipe to EGR valve

    Does anyone know the number for the metal horseshoe type clip that fits over the end on the EGR valve and holds the boost pipe in? Tried the dealer but it came up as a jubilee clamp for some reason..
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    Oil collecting under boost pipe

    I noticed a boost pipe (I think it's a boost pipe anyway) was not connected properly so put my hand on it to push it in and my hand was covered in oil from underneath. Is it normal to have oil in a boost pipe and is it most likely that its collected there as its leaked out? It's this bit here...
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    Cleaning MAF sensor on 1.9TDI

    Is there a guide on how to clean the MAF sensor somewhere ? I've had a look but can't see anything, I've got some electrical contact cleaner today, do I need to remove the whole thing or just take the sensor out if the plastic tubing & clean that on its own? Any help much appreciated..
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    B6 Avant Rear Lights on Ebay

    Has anyone fitted these on here? - AUDI A4 B6 8E 01-04 AVANT REAR TAIL LIGHT LAMP PASSENGER SIDE LEFT NEARSIDE NEW | eBay There are several sellers selling them for around the same price so i'm guessing they are all the same. Just wondered if there are decent quality or if it's worth paying...
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    Anybody here who can fit DIS for me?

    I'm looking to get DIS fitted to my A4 Avant Sport TDI, is there anyone local to Bracknell , Berkshire who would be willing to come & fit the stalk & repair wire to ground the washer bottle warning & then code it to the car for me? I will supply the parts & will happily pay the going rate...
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    Fitting cruise and DIS to my B6, how much?

    Looking to get cruise and DIS fitted to my B6, does anyone know roughly how much this will cost inc parts? Also is there anyone local to me Bracknell, Berkshire who could do this, i'm happy to source the parts. Not fussed about having the washer bottle low level warning. Thanks all..
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    Possible DMF failure?

    I've got a few issues with the car, thinking it may be the DMF. The most noticable is a vibration , mainly through the gear knob which gives me pins and needles in my left hand after driving, can also feel it slightly through the steering wheel. There is a clatter sound when I pull away from...
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    Extra Load tyres on Avant TDi

    I've got an Avant TDi Sport with the standard 17" 5 spoke alloys and the tyres fitted are 235-45-17 94Y but they don't say extra load anywhere, they say max load 670kg. I've read conflicting advice about my car needing extra load tyres or not, can anyone shed any light? As my tyres don't say...
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    Dension Gateway 100 Problem

    Hi all, I've just fitted a Dension GW100 to my B7 with Concert single disc stereo but I can't access any menus on the DIS or change between playlists on the HU, there isn't any text display on the DIS either, just CD5 TR2 for example. Any help much appreciated! Nick