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    Cold Weather / Winter Tyre Sizing

    Hi. After recently bumping my 8 month old A5 Quattro Cabriolet in the recent snow because I couldn't stop )-: i'm seriously looking at getting some winter tyres. All sites i've been to indicate that I need to buy the same size as my summer tyres - 255/35R19/096Y. However, i've also heard that...
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    New A5 - 2L TFSI Quattro Or 3L TDI Quattro - Advice Wanted

    Hi I'm planning on trading in my '06 (B7) A4 3L TDI Quattro Cabriolet for a new A5 Cabriolet Special Addition Plus. At the moment I am leaning towards the 2L TFSI Quattro rather than the 3L TDI Quattro. The reason for this is that the service manager at my local Audi dealer has previously...