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    Audi A3 8P speakers

    My friend has an 2008 sportback and is a basic spec and therefore has no speakers in the back doors. Is it possible to add these speakers, are they pre-wired? There is no option to fade to rear but assume the radio is the same, just coded? I think it's a chorus radio.
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    Audi 8L RNS-E sat nav

    As some of you older members remember I had an S3 with RNS-E fitted. I logged on here and found quite a few PM's asking for the guide. I produced a large guide (30+ pages) for doing this, single DIN to double etc. Please Email me at
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    Warning may ofend some

    Looking for a new car now the S3 has gone and noticed this...
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    Time to move on but how much?

    Time to sell up. Spec 2000 X facelift 77K miles, Bose, Cruise, Chrome mirrors, Leather & Heated Mods RNS-E sat nav, Audi bluetooth add on, playstation 2, Andymac stealth sub, Revo and H&R ARB's. SOLD NOW...S3 will be missed.
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    How many times do you...

    use a Porter 7424 on one car? I know Audi paint is hard but how many times is it safe to use (depending on cutttin compound I know). Is it worth buying one as I have had a detail by Bryan a few weeks ago and although he did a cracking job...can I improve on it? Mine is here...
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    Wiper stalk problem

    My rear wiper starting going all the time so I thought it was the usual rear motor problem. I tried to use the front wiper/washer and they don't work either. The DIS switch and rocker work fine. I have checked the fuse and will check the relay tonight but has anyone else had this problem as...
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    Flying lesson

    ...not me but one of my Dad's students and I was his first passenger in the Diamond DA40 all striaght out of camera. I am off to france in a Cesna 172 on Wednesday so will post some more pics up if anyone is interested. Took off from Shoreham the view of the airfield. Landing at Lydd...
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    MP3 RNS-E tracks

    Does anyone know of any software to join MP3 tracks together. I have some Ebooks and need to join tracks together to get round the 512 limit.
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    First rig shots

    Here is my first attemt at a rig shot. Can't do much PS at home as laptop is too slow to run CS2.
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    Car photography rig

    I am building a rig to take those blurry background shots you see in magazines that manage to keep the car tack sharp without the use of another car. I have a the camera mounted to a flexible lighting stand and a grip around the headrest for the test shot below. I have a couple of 5 foot...
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    Shoreham airport

    I went to Shoreham airport to meet my dad for lunch. My dad is an instructor there so we went up in the Diamon Star to Brighton and back.
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    More S3 pics

    Cleaned my car last night so decided to stop off on the way to work to take some pics.
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    Anyone want any pics of their car in Surrey?

    Anyone near Leatherhead/Epsom area that would like me to come round and take pics of their pride and joy for FREE. I want to get into automotive photography a bit more and never have a clean car as a subject. My car is always dirty and by the time I clean it at the weekend I am too knackered to...
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    Audi S3

    Straight out of the camera shot in the car park at work. I have the RAW files but don't have photoshop at home? CC please.
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    3rd Brake light

    Does anyone know where to get the 12v 2.3w bulbs from that are in the 3rd brake light? Or Anyone the know the part no. so I can get one from the stealers. Thanks Steve.
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    S3 on Ebay EVERY EXTRA Lets see if we can name all the missing extras. I'll start with the easy one Sat Nav.
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    Look what someone has done

    Cracked the casing as well.
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    RNS-E A3/S3 8L single to double DIN

    I have done a single to double DIN myself and just done one for a friend of a friend. He suggeted offering my services to fellow memebers so here goes. I don't really want to supply a RNS-E just the install help. I have cages, looms, pins, GPS, VAG, tools and done it twice now. So if...
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    Nice S3

    Saw this on the way to work. I had to stop and take a look, must be a special order paint colour...very tempting just don't like the interior colour.
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    Single DIN cage anyone?

    I am doing a RNS-E retrofit and hence have a single DIN lying around if anyone is after one.