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  1. kevbu

    Diesel hard starting, leak back?

    I've got so used to parking it downhill it's not been a problem, but I suspect it would still not start if I parked nose up. Sorry not much help. I also changed filter and check valve on top of it but no change when I did it in December. If you do find a cure please update. I live in Thames...
  2. kevbu

    Diesel hard starting, leak back?

    I'll have to check the weekend. I took top engine cover off today but couldn't really see much under tandem pump. Ill get the inspection mirrors and torch out. The vacuum side is oily, but I think they all are from what I've read.
  3. kevbu

    Diesel hard starting, leak back?

    I lifted bench to listen and when put ignition on I heard the swhoosh. It was minus 2 when I started car this morning and it started on the key. I had it parked nose down though, I'm sure if it was other way around it wouldn't have started easy. I've never had the rocker cover off to look at...
  4. kevbu

    Diesel hard starting, leak back?

    Thanks, I'll check in morning when it's least likely to start. Would it be an obvious noise? I do have sound deadening stuck all over the metal under the seat bench.
  5. kevbu

    Diesel hard starting, leak back?

    Some mornings my 1.9 TDI (130) takes 20 to 30 seconds cranking to fire up after first start it's fine for rest of day. It started failing the first frosty morning we had but I'm not sure if this is coincidence as sometimes it won't start at 9* but will at 5*. I tested glow plugs and changed 2...
  6. kevbu

    LED headlights

    They look easy to install, but I'd like to see them in road conditions rather than on a wall. I dont think they look as bright as standard bulbs, just whiter.
  7. kevbu

    Fitting a sub

    If I ever get the motivation/time I fancy trying a spare tyre sub.
  8. kevbu

    Coolant system drawing

    Useful diagram in this thread:
  9. kevbu

    Suspension Re-new

    I would put it all back together and wait the the front end kit to arrive. Pretty sure the bolt wont move in the mean time. When you have all arms and nuts and new bolts...then take the brakes and discs off and hub nut, release lower arms at hub, do battle with the track control bolt (probably...
  10. kevbu

    Audi specialist ? Any recommendations ...

    I can recommend VRT in Slough.
  11. kevbu

    My engine spat this out

    Looks like the underwire from a bra, B or C cup.
  12. kevbu

    Stiffer/stronger rear springs

    Carparts4less / eurocarparts do list a heavy duty Sachs rear spring...but never seem to be in stock. Could give them a ring.
  13. kevbu

    Fitting an additional cigarette lighter socket

    Yes, always live. I leave my dashcam on and it motion detects all the time.
  14. kevbu

    Air freshners

    feu orange were the best, bring them back! I have a little febreeze square in the vent, works ok. Favorite was a gliptone leather smelly, lasted well, not too synthetic but quite expensive.
  15. kevbu

    water ingress A pillar?

    Not parked on slope, I've looked at your thread ro55, luckily under carpet is dry at moment. Rear wash doesn't work! But i don't think its that because it only came in when raining not when I tried wash wipe. I'm a bit weary of taking pillar and lining off because of curtain airbags. Looking...
  16. kevbu

    water ingress A pillar?

    No sunroof, but it is an avant with roof rails so I wonder if its something to do with them. I need to strip it to find it I think. Original screen AFAIK.
  17. kevbu

    water ingress A pillar?

    I have rain coming in and tracking down to the passenger footwell. Any had similar, I don't think its the plenum grommets problem. How easy is it to take roof lining off or a pillar trim off to investigate, any pointers appreciated.
  18. kevbu

    New tail pipe fitted

    I think its got to if this is the inside of Audi silencers, quite a labyrinth for the gases to find their way out. Avant-81 that looks the dogs danglies. :thumbs up:
  19. kevbu

    Problem with the car heating

    I think its normal. If the inside of the car is below 18* (likely this time of year) it will blow warm until it reaches that (or 19,20,21,22, etc)
  20. kevbu

    Jetex DCAF Kit

    They keep that quiet in the performance blurb :whistle2: