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    wax Polish, sealant

    hi guys I have a dolphin grey a3 im looking for some wax, polish, sealant for the colour just wondering what you guys would buy? I hear the dodo juice wax is good? cheers Reece
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    hi guys i drive a3 SB 56 Im looking at getting some new wheel, looking at these: // 0.01 : 3SDM im looking at the 18" and was wondering what offset and what size my car is and what I could get away with cheers Reece
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    need a wireless flash which one

    Hi guys I have a cannon 550d and im looking for a wireless flash for taking photo of cars in the dark? you could let me know how i go about taking them in the dark like: Paul Marshall's photos | Facebook cheers Reece
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    indicator problem

    afternoon guys I had the warning light saying light hand turning light, so i look in the manual and change the bulb and the fuse and its still not working so wondering if you guys had any ideas cheers Reece
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    5dr a3 sportback

    hi guys im picking my A3 up saturday and ill thinking off buying the s3 rear bumper and s3 front but i was would if any one have a pic of what it would look like cheers Reece
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    new rear light

    Hi guys im looking to buy the new my11 rear light for my 56 sport back 5dr how much are they going to set me back and how easy are they to fit cheers Reece
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    hi guys Im picking my audi a3 sports back tdi 140 next saturday the mods Im thing of doing are: tinting the windows 2009 back lights xeons for front footwell lights (green if they do them) new wheel but don't have a clue which ones possible lowering it and maybe stainless exhaust just would...
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    hi guys Im an a3 ( 56 sports back )owner and HAPPY NEW YEAR