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  1. Moniek88

    Big brake conversion on 99` B5 (brembo 18z)

    Hi there, I have collected all the components to fit Brembo 18z calipers. When tried to fit them i run into a bit of issue. One of the calipers fits perfectly and sits right in between the rotor (left side) when the right caliper when mounted is resting against the rotor. We are looking for...
  2. Moniek88

    Wanted Audi b5 1.8t Quatrro petrol tank straps

    Hi, As above looking for petrol tank straps for my b5. Thanks
  3. Moniek88

    Wanted Brembo 18z caliper set

    Hi, Looking for set of brembo 18z calipers. \cheers
  4. Moniek88

    A4 1.8t slow build

    Hi guys. I'm new here and hopefully will have a chance to share my project with you. It is a standard b5 1.8t quattro. The condition of the car was not the best when I got it of my mate. It was sitting there for an year before I started to refurbish it last year part by part. As everything cost...