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    Parking button reminder..

    Hi everyone - had an absolute nightmare tonight. Parked my Avant up gone in the house then as I’ve come back to my car, it’s rolled down the drive into the gate post! Turns out I forgot to engage the parking button [emoji85][emoji85].. just wondering if there’s anyway I can turn on a reminder...
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    Heated wing mirror not working (again)..

    Hi all, hopefully looking for some advice. I purchased my Audi A4 Avant back in the summer (66 plate). Since the colder mornings have arrived I noticed the drivers side wing mirror wasn’t heating up and de-misting as the passenger side one was. Anyway, after looking on the Internet I found some...
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    Help Please Air Conditioning help!

    Hello everyone, as detailed in the welcome section I’ve today brought home my first ever Audi. A A4 Avant 2.0 tdi ultra sport 2016 (66 plate) - on my way home I noticed the air conditioning wasn’t on but when I tried to select it on it wouldn’t change from off - all the other buttons worked but...
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    First Ever Audi

    Hi everyone - just picked up and brought home by first ever Audi. Always had rubbish cars before but decided it was time to treat myself to a decent car for once - in this case a used 2016 Audi Avant 2.0 ultra sport 148hp. Needed an estate as I have 2 children and a Labrador! Only issue I’ve got...