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    Wotbox settings ?

    Hi guys! I've just bought a WOTBOX for my Audi A4 1.8T B6. Can someone please tell me the settings required to pop and bang on no lift shift ? There's a lot of vids of 1.8T vag range with a wotbox popping and banging when accelerating? What settings do I need to input? Can anyone help me
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    Symphony Casette not working

    Up until yesterday, I use to use those casette with the 3.5mm jack adapters to stream music from my phone. The casette will go in but within 5secs, it will automatically switch to a fm radio station. I've put a new casette in to eliminate casette fault, however problem is still there. It's the...
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    Brake issue Audi A4 Cabriolet 1.8T

    Before this happened, occasionally I would get the traction control light but when restarting car, light would disappear. However, recently, I've been getting the ABS light and traction light illuminate together and once again, if I restarted the car, lights would disappear. Now driving today...
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    A4 Cabriolet 163 BHP 1.8T Remap.

    I am looking to get my '54 Audi A4 Convertible 1.8T Sport re-mapped on Monday. I have been quoted around the 190ish BHP with a good torque figure as I've realised these cars have a K03 only! I was under the impression that all 1.8Ts after 2001 were fitted with ko3s turbos but not sure if that's...
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    2004 Audi A4 1.8T Sport Convertible *P2101* DTC CODE

    I was with a few mates yesterday and we were just planning to go for a drive. As I set off, I felt a little jerk and the EPC light and traction control light illuminated for a couple of seconds. I didn't think too much of it at the time as it only lasted a few seconds. Now almost an hour...
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    I hate this day :(

    Last week Wednesday the 2nd, some idiot decided to wonder in his own world whilst driving and hit me during rush hour stationary traffic *bastar*!!  Even though I've requested for it to be repaired, apparently the insurance company will not repair it. Funny thing is the idiot worked for the...
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    Local garage fitted new TIP and now problems :(

    Bought a silicone TIP on monday from creationmotorsport in birmingham and finally got the local garage to fit it for me yesterday morning however, I think they've fitted the N75 & boost pipes in the wrong places as well as leaving two empty holes in the TIP where some pipe work should go...
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    MAF Gs Question/Boost

    I've recently felt my car is underpowered and I'm leaning towards the MAF maybe tired or boost leak? If you look at the graph which I've logged using my laptop, it says that I've made a max of 140.50 gs..Could someone convert that for me into BHP please also what formula do I use to convert...
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    Tech advice needed regarding S3 8L

    Some of you may have recently seen my thread about the engine temperature etc and would just like to add that vehicle is all running well now after having changed the thermostat and coolant temp sensor. I've currently booked myself in to get a custom down pipe made on monday. I've owned about 5...
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    New 8L S3 Owner!

    Hey everyone! I've recently bought a S3 for winter runabout whilst my BM is garaged as I thought it would be stupid to use to a RWD convertible in winter however I have a couple of issues with this vehicle. The problems I am having are for example Number 1: If i drive around with the heaters...