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    ABS Bocsh 8.0 - Audi A5

    Looking at switching over my ABS module from the 1AS to the 1AT to allow the option of TMPS, however is seems the one I've got from an EBay seller has come from an Auto/ Quattro while mine is a Manual/FWD and I can’t get this sent back ( was ordered 3 months ago) After fitting this lit up the...
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    Crank Sensor location

    Hi Having issues with 2006 a3 2.0 TFSI (BWA engine) where anything over 4k rpm the need jumps all over place with "EPC" flashing and have loss of power. If I come off throttle, engine returns to normal untill I go over 4k again. If I force this the car will eventunually go in to a sort of...
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    Revo SPS Switch - in west Berks

    Morning all , As above, any one got the a Revo Select switch in the West berks I could use for 10 min. Just need to adjust the setting after garage disconnected battery. I will provide a hot Coffee/Tea for our troubles Cheers Chris
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    Revo SPS switch in west Berks/ North Hampshire

    Hi all, Had the dreaded flat battery in the cold weather and need to reset the revo setting,so anyone with a Revo SPS switch in the area, your help would be greatly appriciated. Based in Newbury, but willing to drive and b you a coffee for your time. Please PM me Chris
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    Revo SPS Switch

    Morning, Anyone have one in the Basingstoke/ Newbury area that I could borrow/ use. Just want to check the setting after a flat battery Thanks Chris
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    Locked out of - Please help

    Courtesy of the wind blowing the passenger door shut I'm currently locked out of my car as I was trying to change the pollen filter. The keys are mocking me along with my mobile & wallet on my drivers seat. The spare keys are currently on the girlfriends keys whose on a hen do in Benidorm, so...
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    Revo SPS in west berkshire

    Hello all, As above, has any one got a Revo SPS in the West berkshire area I can use to reactive my map. Would be much appriciated Cheers Chris
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    Vag Com in farmborough

    Hello all , Has anyone got the correct cable to use Vagcom with my 2006 A3. I belive this is a USB-Hex (CAN). Unfortuneatly my car has started to hunt for revs (600-2000) while idling and although i have Vagcom, I've got an old KII-USB lead. Located in Farnborough, HAnts, and only need it...