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  1. Dom Dom

    A3 e-tron advice

    I've always stuck with the VAG band. Had the A class on a rental whilst the Golf R was getting repaired and hated it. Can I ask how old is your etron?
  2. Dom Dom

    Central Audi/VW Birmingham?

    I have been using these Guys for the last 3 years my Golf R and a few niggles with my T5. Always gone the extra mile to help and very fair on price. Hoping to secure myself an e-tron :Grey B7: soon which i will be taking to them as well. Definitely recommend Tom and the team :icon thumright:
  3. Dom Dom

    A3 e-tron advice

    Thanks for the indo and links jrumball. I was looking to go down buying out right ex demo/used route. Hence my asking about the resale value been effected. Either that or getting brand new on a lease.
  4. Dom Dom

    Tested e-tron for the weekend, bought a Golf GTE!!

    Costs aside I have to say the etron does win it for me in terms of design over the GTE. Now just the fun part to find the right one :smirk:
  5. Dom Dom

    A3 e-tron advice

    Hi All, Looking for some advice thinking of adding a 2018 A3 e-tron to my collection (help save on the killer fuel bills which is my R) :sweatsmile: My usual specialist Central Audi VW in Brum said they do the hybrid servicing, which is a bonus, saves taking to the dealers :icon thumright...
  6. Dom Dom

    Warranty on parts..

    Hi Carly, I had a similar issue on my T5 2.0tdi. Luckly the last owner had the details for the garage and they said they would cover the cost. If you do know the garage who done I would give them a call of check their T&C's a lot of places put them on the websites these days.