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  1. Mercedes Traitor

    Sold Genuine Audi 19" le mans alloys

    For sale 4 x Genuine Audi 19 Le Mans alloys 8.5 J x19 H2 ET43. Very good condition wheels previously refurbished no cracks or welds or severe kerbing, two tyres at 5mm and two that need replacing. Collection from Buckinghamshire. £600 ono
  2. Mercedes Traitor

    Carbon Clean

    So today the car had an internal deep clean! After changing all three engine mounts the Avant is still slightly lumpy on idle, there have been many posts on here suggesting what to check and what to clean. So after 1hr internet research I booked a clean through as a...
  3. Mercedes Traitor

    Sold A4 b8 S-Line complete front bumper

    For sale the front bumper from my 2010 b8 avant S -line in Misano Red pearl complete with Grille, Rings, Fog lights and Grilles. The PDC sensors will be removed to go into the new RS style replacement bumper going on next weekend. It's in very good condition apart from a few little stone chips...
  4. Mercedes Traitor


    Flooded road hidden kerb!!! Only just had them done.[emoji848][emoji19] Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  5. Mercedes Traitor

    RS4 style front bumper / grille

    Has anybody fitted one of these saw it on a blue S4 looked stunning, any opinions before I get one. (Not usually a fan of making cars look a likes) but much prefer the more aggressive look. Sent from my SM-J600FN using Tapatalk
  6. Mercedes Traitor

    Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone I hope you are coping with lockdown ! I am new to Audi just bought a used A4 S-line avant special edition and loving it! Already posted on what did you do to your Audi today. Nothing unusual with all this until you take into account I work for a Mercedes Benz dealer and have had...