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  1. Gmac

    Gear knob choices..

    Afternoon all..... I've currently got a aftermarket gear stick and knob on the s3, it's a momo knob with a stick that is a pull up to get reverse job, this was fitted in the car when i got it. Unsure if the gear stick is momo or not, but has a threaded top, and the momo knob has a wee...
  2. Gmac

    Water in drivers footwell..

    Trying to get to get to the bottom of water in my drivers footwell... So far I've checked under the scuttle panel, around the fuse/connector box, the grommet for the bonnet release cable, and around the pollen filter area and it all looks dry. I took the wheel arch liner out and poured water...
  3. Gmac

    Alarm adaption coding

    Morning all.. Im trying to figure out how to use vcds to adapt the alarm horn so that it 'beeps' when i lock the car. I've searched on roos-tech without success and also on here. Had a play about on vcds too but to no avail. I fixed the alarm siren just the other day and i know it is now...
  4. Gmac

    TT light switch into a S3??

    connected to my other main headlights not working thread, I'm wondering if a tt headlight switch will fit into the s3?? They look to be the same? Tia
  5. Gmac

    Main beam not stopped working

    S3 8l, facelift.... so yesterday my main beam randomly stopped working... I went to turn them on but nothing. The side lights still work as do the fog lights, but not the main beam...bu the weird bit is the full beam still works! To add....this happened yesterday afternoon, what I did notice...
  6. Gmac

    Rota grid drifts

    so looking at possibly getting some 18" 9.5j et 23 rota grid drifts.. My car is on standard suspension and currently running rstt reps which are 18" 8j et35 with 15mm spacers front and 20mm rear. My question is...and believe me I've searched and read through every previous thread on...
  7. Gmac

    Couple of problems...

    The 3 has developed a couple of problems the last couple of days... Qdirst one is the rear drivers side Bose speaker is it ****** or will it be a loose connection? Are they easy to pull out? Second problem... Mechanical... It has started groning from the rear drivers side...
  8. Gmac

    Rear xenon leveller?

    Morning folks.. Just had my rear wheel off yesterday to measure the thickness of my spacer, and noticed this! A few points... Obviously the arm is broken and not attached to the bottom bit... So would this not be an mot fail? And I can only assume that the wee box is working, ie power...
  9. Gmac

    Thoughts On 225/45/18 Tyres...

    I'm looking at getting some winter tyres for the s3 and not seen a decent set of 225/40/18's for sale at a decent price, I have however found some 225/45/18's... What are people's thoughts on running these, my car is on standard suspension so the extra sidewall height is the only issue I'm...
  10. Gmac

    Running Two Different Tyre Sizes... Help

    Needing help/thoughts... Looking at getting winters for the S3 8l and I've seen 2 x 225/45/18 and 2 x 225/40/18 So I was wondering if this would be ok to run with the haldex on the S3. Would these calculations be correct.... 225/40 = 225mm width and side wall 40% of this so 22.5 x4 =...
  11. Gmac

    Oil filler cap popped off!

    Got out the car yesterday after work and noticed oil coming up on to the bonnet from above the headlights, so popped the bonnet, only to find the gas strut not working, but more worrying was that the oil cap was sitting upside down on the manifold! Ive ve no idea how the cap has come off, I...
  12. Gmac

    Standard down pipe.

    What's the stats on a standard down pipe folks? Size cats etc?
  13. Gmac

    Which cup holder

    Evening folks! I'm looking for a replacement cup holder for the dash and been searching eBay. What are the options on these? I've seen a few from the likes of a6 and allroad, also a3. Which other models have the same cup holder that will fit? i think the a3 8l will, but what others... a6...
  14. Gmac

    Urgent help with retro fit of cruise control

    Hey folks, been follow in the guide of how to do this and at the stage where this....see pic different to the guide picture, I levered it off a bit, the circular bit, and there seems to be orange wound coils on the back, and there is talk of esp in the guide. I've no idea if I'm supposed...
  15. Gmac

    What are the three fuses on top of the battery?

    As per the title really? I think the left hand one runs something to do with the air con, but no too sure, also what do the others do?
  16. Gmac

    ABS light on! and other weird happenings!

    Well this morning i had a bit of an interesting one! Drove the car 10yds and the red warning exclamation light comes on, along with the yellow abs light and the yellow warning triangle!! hmm reverse back in to the house, grab vagcom and hook it up. It wont connect to the abe module. hmm. So...
  17. Gmac

    Fitting the 710n diverter valve

    Hi all, very quick and daft question... im putting the car back to a standard dv from the baileys one i hav on, and im just wondering which way the dv goes on, ie does the wee pipe attach to the top or does it orientate the other way so the wee pipe is facing horizontally? TIA i'm thinking...
  18. Gmac

    mirror confusion

    I understand that there is a difference between pre facelft and facelift wing mirrors on the S3, so my questions are.. is it only the glass that is different or are the housings also different? How do you tell the difference? And did they change over at 09/01 to facelift? What are the part...
  19. Gmac

    Regional groups...errors

    One for the mods.... looking at at the groups... North west says...for people in the north east, and then Yorkshire and Humberside says for the north west, and then there is a separate group called the north east?
  20. Gmac

    Air con problems

    Evening all Got the S3 in to kiwkfit this morning and they re did the gas, however it took a charge but they have said it wasn't any colder, so didn't charge me. The guy also said this points to the condensor being at fault. Would this be correctm and is there a way of testing it? What else...