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  1. stuart sline 170

    Need help quick

    Good evening my cars up for sale and since things are as usual not working right. Basically I changed my wheel bearing and everything went back in the right place abs and auto handbrake don't work. I thought I'd change my abs sensor on that wheel incase it got damaged during the change and...
  2. stuart sline 170

    hello there im a new member

    just saying hello to you all just joined the audi club buying my first german car last Saturday, any advice or tips . audi a4 2l b8 170 sline, I think shes been lowered unless that comes as standard with this model not sure
  3. stuart sline 170

    a4 170 sline avant b8 cambelt change

    morning everybody I'm new here week ago today I bought this car going to get cambelt changed to be on the safe side, ive bought the cambelt and tensioner kit and also buying water pump and thermostat, what other belts do I need to change or rollers/tensioners while the front ends going to be off...