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  1. CookD

    A5 space saver compatibility on A3?

    Ey-up, I'm picking up the new car on Monday and trading in my current 2008 A5. I have a space saver in the A5 and wondered if it can be used on the new A3? If so I'll hold on to it as I would imagine nothing is given on the new car? I'm really naff on tyres etc. so sorry if this is a daft...
  2. CookD

    Facelift New S3 Black Edition ordered!

    Hi all, First post on here, thought I'd sign up as I've just ordered a brand new glacier white S3 black edition. Moving on from my 2008 A5 2.7TDI which has served me well. Didn't expect to place an order today just popped into Bolton Audi and couldn't refuse their offer. Specs as follows...