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  1. AvantMike

    Sold Audi A4 Avant B7 S-Line

    With a heavy heart I'm putting this up for sale - I'd prefer it to go to an Audi sport member and keep it well looked after. First things first - timewasters & daft questions will be ignored (this isn't faceache so hopefully that won't be an issue) Selling due to employer getting rid of company...
  2. AvantMike

    Brake Discs & Pads - recommendations please

    Hi Gang, Looking at a 'starter' upgrade to OEM discs/pads. I'm currently looking at the EBC yellowstuff pads/EBC Ultimax discs. Being a relative newbie (and also wanting to avoid big brake kits/£££ - because, Kids & Family) does anyone have any suggestions that will give an increase on OEM...
  3. AvantMike

    2.0 TDi BRD Oil Pump Hex Key/Balance Shaft Query

    Guys & Girls, I want to swap out my oil pump hex key before it becomes an issue for future me. I've looked at the KMB kit for swapping out the OEM hex key for their re-manufactured part as well as a new gear driven balance shaft which is fair enough. As I'm running the car, I wanted to find an...
  4. AvantMike

    S Line Avant 'subtle' body kits-suggestions Please

    Hi Gang, Really struggling to find any add-ons for S Line Avant. Emails to suppliers are drawing a blank also. Has anyone fitted aftermarket skirts & rear diffusers? I'm looking at the CSR & Maxton kits for straight bolt-ons but appreciate they might need a bit of adjustment to fit (as per Cupra...
  5. AvantMike

    Noob question alert-2.0 TDi engine diagrams

    Evening all, anyone know where a decent (read; easily understandable) engine bay diagram for the TDi might lie? Got a few things I want to look into but don’t know enough to know
  6. AvantMike

    Carbon Clean Recommendations - Gloucestershire

    As above really Ladies & Gents, anyone know of or used any carbon cleaning services round here?
  7. AvantMike

    2.0 TDi 170 PD - What Oil?

    Hi Guys & Girls, I'm finding comments around the web that note that the 170 PD (and probably 140 PD) engines need a particular engine oil, rather than whatever is lying around the garage at the time. Does anyone know what oil should be used?
  8. AvantMike

    2.0 TDI 170 Plee for Advice

    Hi guys, hate posting with issues but I'm at an absolute loss. Have recently got my Avant back after having it looked at for 5 weeks with a local Audi specialist following a breakdown. EGR replaced & DPF cleaned and another hefty garage bill. Driving home tonight she started to give a lumpy...
  9. AvantMike

    Help! A4 Avant B7 170 DPF Full but suspect this isn't the real problem

    Hi Guys, My A4 Avant B7 170 has been out of action for nearly 2 weeks. Garage it's with have got 3 codes and can see that the DPF is full/blocked and obviously hasn't been regen-ing for some time. I've had the car since June last year and done 10k so don't think the DPF issue is a recent thing...
  10. AvantMike

    Bit of Advice - Dent Removal B7 Avant

    Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of a steer from those more experienced than myself; One of my son's less salubrious mates decided to put his foot into the rear quarter panel of my bus over Christmas (near drivers side tail-light). Needless to say words have been had. I'm now trying to fix it -...
  11. AvantMike

    2.0 TDi VNT Location Question - Newbie

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me where to find the VNT actuator module on my 2.0 TDI 170 (56 plate) please? I'm experiencing what appears to be a fairly well documented issue with B7 2.0 engines in that at around 2,500-3000 there is an intermittent lag when I accelerate. It's not done it too often...
  12. AvantMike

    New A4 avant b7 170 owner - tuning

    Hi guys, can anyone help? I recently picked up a b7 s-line 170 bhp with fairly low mileage and didn’t realise what I’d managed to get hold of or how lucky I’d been. I’m looking to make some upgrades in the engine but need some support in tuning mainly due to lack of time and experience - does...