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    Bye bye S3

    Today's my last day with my S3 as tomorrow I collect my new Floret Silver TTS s-tronic. I have covered 37,000 miles over just under two years - am I sad to see it go? Well, quick summary first: Good - 100% reliable, low running costs, straight line performance, grip, interior, build quality...
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    Thinking About Changing To A TTS - Colour Thoughts?

    I had this dilemma with the TTS. I was going with glacier or ibis white, defo not sepang as I don't like it on the new shape TTS at all. But I keep buying white cars and maybe it is time for a change? I love the yellow, but only on other people's cars, not mine. If that makes sense?! Dayton...
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    Waiting list/BW Mk3 TT

    I ordered my new TTS on the 25/02/2016. It's being delivered in three weeks time, possibly two. Get the dealer to find a car that matches your spec and they'll reallocate to their dealership. Simples. You'd be surprised how easy it is to find what you want. The only thing the TTS I am getting...
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    RS3...Limbo....wait....or Fully Loaded TTS

    No brainer for me as I don't need the rear seats and already have the latest S3, which I've not been too impressed with - so the RS3 would have the same issues for me, i.e. poor driving position, bland looks, etc. The TTS is better looking (way better) than an RS3, has a better interior, better...
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    Bang & Olufsen or Audi Sound System

    How this thread has run to four pages I don't know. You only have to listen the *** and you'll have your answer... I've had to suffer it in my S3 for a year and half now. Lesson learnt as on my new TTS order, I have specced B&O! No brainer that one. *** isn't God awful, but it's hardly 'good'...
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    Windows rattling

    Just to add - if you make lubricating the door seals part of your car wash routine, you'll effectively eliminate the problem. Get the Gummi off ebay, as the kind fella has posted the link above to. Definitely not worth going to a Dealer about - I speak from experience!
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    Windows rattling

    Just to report back on this problem, as I've now covered 35k in my S3 and it still has rattling/creaking windows - but ONLY when I have not given the door seals a good does of Gummi Pfledge and only when it's raining - if you just apply it once every three or four weeks (takes a minute to do...
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    Super Sport Seats Wear?

    Had 35k sitting in my S3's SSS - still look as good as the day I picked it up from the showroom... yours must have something wrong.
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    So what next?

    My brother has the new Focus RS on order. Not my cup of tea, but I'm looking forward to seeing it in the New Year. He keeps telling me he'll have one of the first UK vehicles. I keep telling him, 'that's what you think..'. Me? Got a new TTS coming my way next year to replace my S3. Can't say I...
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    S3 2015 annoying rattle at low RPM...and other annoyances

    Had two of those issues with my S3, now 34k on the clock on a year and a half old. The water tank thing happened to me at around 10k. Warning light came on, pull over, STOP driving... don't panic, don't panic and all that from the missis in the passenger seat. Took it the dealer - known problem...
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    Regretted Options?

    Audi Sound System... pretty pants for something you've paid extra for. Non smoking option - replace the cigarette lighters with 12v sockets that look... the same as a cigarette lighter. Go figure? It just looks cheap and very out of place for a car with such a good interior as the S3. In my...
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    Goodbye S3

    After much thought and a few test drives, I've decided to order a new TTS to replace my S3 that's now 18 months old and covered 31,000 miles. I've tried to love it, but just can't get past its failings: poor driving position, so-so handling and lack of steering feel, the bland looks and just a...
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    Is your A3/S3 the nicest car in your street......................???

    Well the wife has a 15 plate boxster S, so no, my S3 is not the nicest car in the street or even on my driveway...
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    Audi S3 Personal Lease Deal £261pcm

    Yeah, I noticed that was for just 5,000 pa. I doubt there's many people who do such small mileages if they use the car every day. Even when I worked in the city and commuted by train, I still did around 12,000 miles a year using the car weekends and evenings. I wonder what they quote me for...
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    Tyre pressure for S3 hatch

    :yes:I've had low 20's from tyres plenty of times before, but have never managed to get them to nearly 30k miles! I know I have a very smooth driving style and I'm not one for hurling my car through the corners, but even that surprised me. After about 18k with the S3 I'll admit I was checking...
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    Tyre pressure for S3 hatch

    Thanks for that, much appreciated. No, they didn't damage my alloys and they were balanced correctly. I got 29,000 miles out of my Continentals before the wear indicator was reached, amazing really. So, that's why I had them fitted again. £380 fitted for four with MyTyres. Shame about the...
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    More Problems for S3 and TT-S Experience

    Sorry to hear of the problems with your S3. Must say, mine's been faultless, 29,000 miles covered - famous last words! Couldn't agree more regarding 8v S3 vs new TTS - it's so much better to drive than the S3. Also, IMO, it is also better than the new RS3. I test drove them back-to-back. As to...
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    Tyre pressure for S3 hatch

    Yeah, I know it's on the inside of the front door, but what are you all actually running with? Just had four new Continentals fitted and the fecking idiots at National Tyres over inflated my front tyres to such an extent that my pressure gauge just went to the max and nearly exploded! The tyres...
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    RS3 Reviews - getting negative?

    I can only comment that I am very glad I did not order one before seeing it in the flesh and driving one. I would have been rather disappointed if I had. The new RS3 left me feeling quite underwhelmed. Would have been better to call it a S3+ as that's all it really is. Used it might be more...
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    Face lift A3/S3

    Let's hope they sort out the poor adjustment on the steering wheel and sort out the seats. Be nice to see alcantara available for the super sports seats... they'll do it with the TTS, so why no the S3. Grr.