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    im stumped with a gearbox problem

    this is from a contact abroard and i have no idea does anyone??????????? My car is an Audi A3 1.8L 1998 model. I’m having serious trouble with the automatic gearbox in this car for the past 5 month and I desperately attempted to locate the problem and fix it but with no luck. The problem is...
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    revo info needed

    thanks pal
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    revo info needed

    can anyone give me a revo dealer/installers contact details, web address and locations and rought price guide its for a 2000 A3 Tdi 110 SE and any other info about it
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    annoying display help!!!!

    When pressing the reset button, the computer display goes blank and doesn't return until I press the reset button again but it doesn't actually reset any of the displays. whats wrong? Is this a common fault of the A3 display and is it easily rectified?
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    a useful nav system info link
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    need fast answer as you will see when you read on

    good point i have seen her and i would lol try and get a pic for you all
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    need fast answer as you will see when you read on

    this come from a bloke i knows brother and there sis is mint so as much help as poss would help me out to lol 2003 A3 8P 2.0FSI sport "I'm having real regrats about not getting boss speakers, Now i've got together enough money to get a new set, I was wondering if there is someone who'd be...
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    who are you (bit of fun test)
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    just a question

    I am curious about the new a3 coupes. Rumors are that it is single framed. Is that the only difference? I have a 2005 A3 coupe... Is the front bumper same as the sportback's?
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    whats best

    a nav system or how good are the pdas with nav software as could use the pda for work to
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    ebay ally mirror fakes??

    they do have an e mark but so could painted ones does any one know if the part number he has given is right?
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    speaker size

    my mate has binned the head unit and got a pioneer hu he wants me to replace the front speakers and back seat side speakers ( 3-door ) so far been informed that the front door is 13mm (5,25) and the back is 17mm (6.5) but UNKNOWN DEPTH, can't find any refernce to a fit guide that has a audi a3...
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    stereo volume is crazy

    my mates got an A3 , asked me to take a look at a faulty volume control. When i try and adjust the vol ,it either goes mega loud or silent. when you turn it off then on again it resets to an adequate level. It become very difficult to control these volumes. Anyone know how to fix it without...
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    dash panel

    could someone please tell me how to take off that front panle which is around the stereo and heater controls, i can get to taking off the ash tray, unscrewing all those screws, popping off the bottom half of the panel, but then its stuck somewhere on the left and right off the stereo, could...
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    anyone got a pic of a met gold a3

    need to show the colour but can not find pic of one please help by posting one
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    need a list of the differances on an s3

    Can anyone please tell me what revisions were made to the S3 in 2001 can any one list the difference in pre2001 and post2001. cheers
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    looking for a top end head unit with matching red illumination.

    here is a pic
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    looking for a top end head unit with matching red illumination.

    try my clarion as it changes hundreds of coluors and has 3 pre outs and one in put